Military on the arc Svetlodarsk talk about the end of the “bread of truce”

Military on the arc Svetlodarsk talk about the end of the “bread of truce”


The war in the East

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The militants are increasingly concerned about the army shelling.

At the end of the harvest “bread truce” observed by the occupants of Donbass less. The last days is recorded a tendency to increase in the number of attacks in the conflict zone, says the story TSN.19:30.

On the arc Svetlodarsk fighters begin to shoot at dawn, the military prudently hiding in bunkers, some open fire in response to temper the mood of the enemy. “Now protivnik subsided, but I think the night will continue provocations,” – says the consequences of the actions of fighters the unit commander with the Callsign “Lefty”. Bullets do fly almost all night, but they all have become so accustomed that even the dog Caesar is not hiding – he is looking for shelter only if the connection is the enemy more powerful weapons.

Video surveillance the Donbas militants are stepping up attacks on positions of the Ukrainian defenders

Over the past day, three soldiers wounded at the front. The militants now intensify the attacks. At the end of the grain harvest there is a truce in the East are less.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:00

The military recognizes that with the resumption of the shootings it became easier to predict the actions of the occupiers. The manner of warfare soldiers have already learned to recognize intentions – for example, chaotic shooting without any specific goal may be just a manifestation of boredom fighters on positions. For such actions, the army did not even answer – only when the enemy is going to be insufferable, his actions should be responsive.

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As reported by Russian occupation troops 15 times violated the ceasefire regime in the light of the day. This is stated in the traditional formal report of the press center of the headquarters Operations of joint forces as of 18:00 hours on 11 August.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

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