Ukraine has smaller reserves of gas, coal and fuel oil for the winter than last year

Ukraine has smaller reserves of gas, coal and fuel oil for the winter than last year

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Coal reserves less than 20%.

In the warehouses of power plants (TPPs) as of 14 August, stocks of coal amounted to 1.68 million tonnes. This is 0.42 million tons, or 20.2%, lower than last year.

This was reported by the Ministry of coal industry of Ukraine, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The situation with the accumulation of natural gas reserves continues much better: on the 14th of August they had reached 13.5 billion cubic meters, which is only 0.3 billion cubic meters, or 2.2 per cent less than on August 14 last year.

Oil reserves in the warehouses of power plants less than last year by 37.7 percent to 38 thousand tons.

Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers in late July approved a plan of measures on preparation of objects of fuel and energy complex for the heating season 2018/19 years. Gas stocks in underground storage on November 1, 2018 shall be 17 billion cubic meters of coal, 2.6 million tonnes (including anthracite brands – 1 million tons, and gas and 1.6 million tonnes) and fuel oil 130 tons.

Earlier it was reported that since the spring of Ukraine almost doubled gas reserves in storage.

Videocine of gas for the population will not raise until September 1

The price of gas for the population not to raise, at least until the end of the summer. Such decision was accepted today at the government meeting. Also, officials decided to increase production of its own gas. Stocks of fuel in Ukraine is sufficient to provide industry and the needs of the population as a whole, convinces Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

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