The center of the city from the consequences of bad weather will take another three days

The center of the city from the consequences of bad weather will take another three days

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Yesterday, 19:52

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During a rainstorm severely flooded the downtown streets and at the hem.

Kiev still washed from yesterday’s weather. To clean up Khreshchatyk, to help threw the public utilities of the Metropolitan areas, which spared the element. In Mariinsky Park noise from tractors, exporting broken trees. However zelenstroevtsy say, to clear branches from the path to the Verkhovna Rada they will still be three days.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.19:30.

Men in orange vests trying to make a cleaner Hem. But they can not. Land of the way they shovel rake on the excavator, and that all ships and plants.

“Yesterday five, and today already had two,” the housing and communal services speak.

Men with shovels are moving slowly. Meanwhile, the dirt caused by rain, pretty dry, and constantly rises a dense cloud of dust.

Land, sand and stones on the road caused the hem from the mountains, which formed almost the river from yesterday’s rain.

During a rainstorm severely flooded the downtown. Near the Bessarabian market has formed a deep lake. Waterfall all flowed into underground passages. Here cleaning cast housing and communal services from other areas. And near the former grocery store, which along with the banner element was demolished the facade of the sidewalk clean technology. Modern, which raises no dust.

A lot of work in Mariinsky Park. To the wood that lies a few meters from the Cabinet, the utility of the hand is not reached. Say, for two days of sawing and clean. And you need another three days to remove all. If the weather permits – for the weekend weather forecasters predict rain and 30 degrees.

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