Ukrainians pay for utility one of the smaller particles of their profits among Europeans

Ukrainians pay for utility one of the smaller particles of their profits among Europeans

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Most expensive utilities cost residents of Norway.

Despite the constant increase of tariffs for utilities, the Ukrainians are still paying for housing and communal services is significantly less than other Europeans.

Such new research data Eurostat, said in the story of the program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Every month about 20% of his salary Catherine pays for the rent:

“For water, if no hot, somewhere in the middle of 69 USD. And the light is 160-200. If winter comes at the expense (for heating) for 1800 USD for two rooms”.

A separate fee for the maintenance of the local area. And this is on the average 350 hryvnias a month. So in the winter for utilities accumulates a tidy sum.

“Compared to our incomes, they will always be big enough. Especially heating”.

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However, the Ukrainians complain about high tariffs is not necessary – at least, this assures Eurostat. According to the latest official data, Ukraine has the lowest rates for utilities.

For example, of all the countries of Europe more than just 1 kW of electricity paid by residents of: Belgium (8.5 UAH), Denmark (8 UAH) and Portugal (7,1 UAH). The lowest rates in the Ukrainians is 90 cents for 1 kW.

Gas at the highest buy rate in Sweden is 37.9 UAH per cubic meter, Ireland – 30.5 UAH, and Portugal – 29,5 UAH. And the cheapest in Ukraine – UAH 7, Turkey 7, 7 UAH per cubic meter.

Economic expert Alexander Kramarenko said that despite the complaints of Ukrainians to the expensive rent statistics are real and has a specific explanation.

“This is due to the cost of labor. Yet, in Ukraine it is much lower than in Europe. And this part of the utility rate, which depends on the price of human labor, unfortunately, he is in Ukraine, cheap,” – says Kramarenko.

Videocracy pay for utilities least among Europeans

Despite the constant increase of tariffs for utilities, the Ukrainians are still paying for utilities is significantly less than other Europeans. These are the findings of a new study by Eurostat. What part of the monthly income spend on rent and Ukrainians who pays for communal most in Europe – see “Sedanka”.

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Certainly, there are vulnerable segments of the population, who pay for the rent more than half of the income. But on average, such expenses amount to 20%. Europe is too small a number.

The largest share of average monthly earnings for communal give Norway residents – 31%, Denmark 29%, Finland 28%, great Britain – 27%. The lowest share of expenditures for housing and communal services in Malta – 10% of the monthly salary in Cyprus – 16%, then go to Romania and Ukraine – 17% of the costs. For example, residents of neighboring Hungary spend on rent, 19% of earnings, and the poles of 21.2%.

The increase in tariffs for communal can have a positive effect.

“It sometimes encourages us to save, but it has to happen so that people had the opportunity to apply energy-saving measures in building your home. And then start to demand this man’s some mythical market rates”.

To apply the European experience to conserve natural resource and private funds have already started in Ukraine. In 2017, more than a thousand households have switched to solar panels. And this year started to install wind turbines. For the first half of 2018 only in the Ivano-Frankivsk region they appeared more than 200.

VideoCAM to arrange a subsidy for rental housing – lawyer’s advice

For subsidies, the necessary lease of the apartment, besides not necessarily a notary.

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