The subsidies might take in excess of 7 billion hryvnia – Reva

The subsidies might take in excess of 7 billion hryvnia – Reva

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The amount of the subsidy for next year will depend on gas prices.

Before the end of the year for the payment of grants may require an additional 7 billion UAH. This is the worst case scenario, which counted in the government.

This broadcast “112 Ukraine”, said Minister of social policy Andrei Reva.

“We have calculated different options. Even the negative scenario also we have calculated. No more than 7 billion UAH to the end of the year (need for subsidies in the worst case),” said Reva.

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Now need for additional funds.

“Today not all means of the state budget, around 55 billion UAH (highlighted) 71 billion used on subsidies” – said the Minister of social policy.

The subsidy next year will depend on the cost of gas.

In the summer, when we needed to renew subsidies, had around 4 million people. Of these, grants are assigned 3 million 200 thousand Ukrainians.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko explained, how many will pay the grantee after the likely increase in gas price.

Videocracy not in a hurry to renew the subsidies – economic news

Half subsidianes postponed the renewal of grants before the start of the heating season. But the government was advised not to wait for the fall of queues and apply now.In Ukraine began to rapidly go up the mushrooms. Prices are now at a new level.To raise fees for the rented apartment the owner only once a year.More on economic news and currency exchange rates in our review.

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