The head of FC “Leogang Drink” Alyona Degrik commented on the possibility of receiving international transfers PayPal for Ukraine

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The head of FC “Leogang Drink” Alyona Degrik commented on the possibility of receiving international transfers PayPal for Ukraine


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Today it became known that the company PayPal has introduced the option of international money transfers to Ukraine from USA – though not directly, and through its subsidiary service Xoom, acquired global PS in 2015.

The story said the head of the financial company “Leogang Drink” (SEO LeoGaming) Alyona Degrik (Alona Degrc).

“To say that this is a positive signal to say nothing. I will analyze the details of working with the Xoom for my blog on “Finance” and other sites. Now everybody understands that healthy competition among payment systems creates a more favorable proposals in the area of p2p money transfers from different countries. This is exactly what the market needs. First and foremost this will benefit freelancers and businesses operating in the U.S. market.” – said Alyona Degrik.

For Ukrainian users now available service Cash Pickup, which reveals to citizens the possibility of making money transfers in one of the 5 partner banks. Other large banks will be added as available latest. Also set limits transfers to $2999/ day and not more than $6000/30 days. The increase in limits is available via the feedback form on the website, however, you need to provide relevant documents.

“Yes, translations are only available from the United States, and the limits for the active business is quite small. Limitations, Yes. But the process has started, and now full-fledged entry of PayPal in Ukraine is almost inevitable, it remains only to wait and be an active user” – says Alyona Degrik.

Recall that prior to the aforementioned announcement, the company Xoom was allowed to make the transfer of funds in 44 countries. Today, the functionality of the service received a massive update that increased the list of supported countries up to 130, among whom was our country. Himself PayPal in Ukraine is not presented, and the functionality is very limited. Alena Degrik explains: users can send payments from Ukraine, but I can’t get them from other countries. The user of the payment system, despite the multiple requests of customers, have repeatedly stressed that the expansion of the functionality on our region yet was not in the plans.

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