The horrors of war: in the Rivne region a second time they buried the military who died in “Ilovaisky boiler”

The horrors of war: in the Rivne region a second time they buried the military who died in “Ilovaisky boiler”


The war in the East

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First the mother gave only his son’s feet.

TSN together with the mother of the deceased military Pavel Petrenko Olga was the horrors suffered by the mothers and relatives of the deceased and missing soldiers.

Pavel Petrenko with the call sign “Bath” until the fall of 2013, he served in the 8th regiment of special purpose. With the outbreak of war in the East, the 24-year-old Pasha left the volunteer battalion “Donbass”. During the liberation of Popasnaya were injured. A month in the hospital, and Bani ran out to the front.

Then there was the exit from Ilovaysk and the shelling of the Russian troops. One of the shells hit the car, which drove Pasha. Guy ripped.

And then – the horror. Mother gave only his son’s feet. They found and identified by DNA in 2015 in Zaporizhia. Three years later was able to find and body – he was buried as the unknown soldier in Dnieper. It is for the remains of the son and arrived Olga.

Videogay war. What is necessary to survive the mothers of dead and missing in the Donbass fighters

Anniversary Ilovaisky. Next, we’ll tell the story about the horrors of this war. What we have to endure mothers and relatives of the deceased and missing soldiers. The story of my mother’s heart, about hope and loss. That difficult to understand – to bury their son twice, first the legs, then the body.

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The procedure of obtaining the remains of the drains: and psychologically. and physically, because the residues that have only room to translate from paper to the remains of the deceased person, need to travel several instances. in particular, the Bureau is judicial-medical examination, the Registrar’s office, morgue.

At the cemetery, every grave here, the sign “temporarily unidentified defender of Ukraine”, and the truth is that in addition to the unknown buried here the body, of those whose identities are established, but relatives can’t believe the death of a loved one. as well as civil victims of the war, and even those who integrity of Ukraine is not protected, but on the contrary, fought on the side of the militants.

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Black handkerchiefs and tears in my eyes. On Mikhaylovskaya square honored the memory of those killed in Loviska (18 photos)

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Yuri Ivashchenko is one of the Ukrainian search engines in the Donetsk region. Their headquarters is just a few kilometers from the front line. Their task is to establish where can be in occupied territory, the bodies of those who disappeared during the fighting. These guys process data from fighters released from the boiler, and information on local. On maps note possible burial sites. They say that on the occupied territory, especially in Ilovaisk, and face them for a year not let.

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The UN security Council with a moment of silence honored the victims of the tragedy in Ilovajskij

Meanwhile, in Kiev, in the crematorium burned the remains of Pavel Petrenko. A native Zdolbuniv relatives, neighbors and colleagues conducted a Pavel Petrenko the second time in the last journey with full military honors.

The road home length in 4 years, two graves of one soldier, and my mother’s heart still can not believe that the son is no more.

Recall that in late August 2014, after fierce fighting, the ATO forces soldiers were surrounded under Ilovaisk in Donetsk region. Russian military shelled the corridor, which by agreement should have been released Ukrainian fighters. They suffered significant losses. According to official data, killing 366 of the Ukrainian military, 249 were wounded, and 128 taken prisoner, and 158 missing. However, the parliamentary Commission on investigation of the tragedy estimates the total losses of the Ukrainian troops to a thousand people. In addition, the ATO forces during the fighting under Ilovaiskaya lost military equipment by almost 300 million UAH.

The TSN reporter Mariana Buhan

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