After a fire triggered by multiple explosions in the Donbas has opened checkpoint “Novotroitsk”

After a fire triggered by multiple explosions in the Donbas has opened checkpoint “Novotroitsk”


The war in the East

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KPVV has been closed a day and a half.

Today, August 31, on the line of differentiation on Donbass the Ukrainian side at six in the morning opened the checkpoint of entry/exit “Novotroitsk”.

It closed on 29 August in the evening – after the fire fighters were spagnola grass and shrubs, have begun exploding mines and shells in the field.

“Now the fire in the fields near the PKK berezovyy-1 and KRP “birch-2” joint actions SES, fire brigades units of the Ukrainian armed forces and border guards from the combined forces extinguished completely. A priority for the combined forces command is the security of citizens of Ukraine, so now, having overcome the threat of fire completely, KPVV “Novotroitsk” restores control of the event,” – said the press center of the joint forces.

Recall that during the war in the Donbass from explosives injured more than a hundred children.

Video with the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass, the whereabouts of fifteen hundred people

Ukraine has identified and is looking for nearly 300 missing in the Donbas. Since the beginning of the war in the East, people can’t find neither alive nor dead, much more – about fifteen hundred. In Ukraine there will be a special Commission on investigation, which in addition to government officials, will include representatives of volunteer organizations and the red cross.

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