The Chinese had a cough for 14 years in a row due to stuck in a light bone

The girl didn’t notice her inhale.

In Guangdong province, China, 22-year-old girl sought medical advice because of difficulty breathing. The doctors discovered in her lung stuck 14 years ago, the bone of a chicken.

This writes Unilad.

The Chinese have long lived with the cough, which in childhood became chronic. It was difficult for her to breathe, the girl often had a nagging cough, so she decided to find out why. She went to the doctors who diagnosed it as “bronchiectasis” and prescribed her antibiotics. However medication didn’t cure the girl.

In addition to cough, the girl was tormented by sweating, which, as expected, was caused by hyperhidrosis. Before you can treat it surgically, the doctors conducted a series of surveys. This time with the help of computer tomography the doctors discovered in the right lung of the girl two-a blackened bone. Doctors removed it in 30 minutes.

Recall that in the Australian astrophysicist was in the hospital after testing the device, which should prevent touching the face. Metal balls stuck in his nose.