Property insurance in Ukraine remains one of the most underrated for all his benefits – IC “INGO”

Explosion of household gas is one of the standard coverages of the insurance policy.

Property insurance in Ukraine remains one of the most underrated, in spite of all its advantages. On the UNIAN in a press-service of the insurance company “INGO”.

“If in the course of the year Ukrainians have spent on insurance over 27 billion UAH, of which only slightly more than 2 billion UAH is property insurance (physical persons and legal entities)”, – reported in a press-service.

In light of the recent sad events from a gas explosion in a residential building in Kiev, it is obvious that the issue of insurance for both property and life, and health is always relevant.

The company “INGO” was told that for the protection of housing have been developed as simple and understandable programs that allow in case of insured event, to damages of real value. “In the case of minor losses provides for a simplified settlement system, which requires the collection of a minimal set of documents. For example, the inspection of the damaged property “INGO” meets for 1-2 days, which allows almost immediately begin to eliminate the negative effects. Costing estimates for recovery work is coordinated by experts of the insurance company within 2-3 days. The insurance indemnity is paid within 10 days”, – stated in the message.

“INGO” noted that the explosion also is one of the standard coverages of the insurance policy. Procedure for reimbursement upon the occurrence of a risk is no different from the others. The main objective of this insurance is to protect the property interests of the owner. However, such events cause damage not only to property and human health and to protect the life and health need a different policy – a life insurance or accident insurance. “This is a fundamentally different types of insurance, because the insurance object and risks differ significantly. In personal insurance the main subject of insurance is life and health. For example, there are insurance program, providing one-time payment of the full sum insured in case of death of the insured person for any reason. In this case payment is given to the legal heirs”, – reported in a press-service of the company.

In addition, insurance companies offer insurance cover in the event of disability, diagnosis of critical illness or injury.

Insurance company “INGO” has 25 years of experience in the Ukrainian market and ranks among the largest insurance organizations of Ukraine in terms of premiums, the value of own assets and insurance recoveries. The company has 29 licenses for different types of compulsory and voluntary insurance, provides insurance services to corporate and retail customers.

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