Winterizing home will help to save annually 18 thousand hryvnias on heating. Expert advice

Winterizing home will help to save annually 18 thousand hryvnias on heating. Expert advice


After warming the money spent will be repaid in 10 years and with higher rates much sooner.

The experts considered that only through the wall if they are not insulated, each year “evaporate” 6 thousand UAH. Another 5 thousand UAH is blown through the roof. 3 thousand UAH – through window. 2,5 thousand UAH – “fly” due to improper ventilation. And about 1.5 thousand UAH – for the cold to run into the door. In total, 18 thousand UAH annually in a private home. Less than half – in the apartment.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

Talaudiere Nikita Tymoshenko knows all about loss and heat retention. TSN invited him to one of the capital’s apartments, because the residents of this house feel very cold in the winter. And despite the fact that the walls are thick, brick of good quality because since Czarist times. Three walls of the room then go outside. But also the height of under four meters.

Expert using imaging identified which the surface retains heat, and what – not. It turned out, the window profile keeps heat away from palm Nikita. And then there are the serious heat source – a dog.

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Nikita immediately see where there are problems. The batteries are very snug to the wall. They need to push, and the wall behind them to paste a special film that reflects heat. Curtains should not be close, so as not to disturb air to circulate. Every three years it is necessary to change the rubber gaskets on the Windows and tighten up all the mechanisms.

Ventilated housing also is specifically sharply to fully open the window for 3-4 minutes. And close. The air in the room is completely replaced, and all surfaces will stay warm.

But without an external wall insulation is still not enough. There are two options – insulation of mineral wool or foam. In Kiev will be about 500 UAH per square meter. But above the ninth floor insulation foam is impossible, because it is a fire hazard. Output – mineral wool. But it is more expensive, more than 600 UAH per square meter.

However, the main problem of warming in the other. A wall in the house should be closed immediately to all the neighbors. Otherwise heat loss will continue, there will be a fungus, and worst of all – because of the temperature difference will crack the wall.

Well, for the tenants of the apartment, which was examined by the expert, the insulation will cost 24 thousand UAH. If you calculate the savings on electricity and heat, at current prices, this investment will pay off in 10 years. But with the planned new increase of tariffs money back for five or even three years.

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9 Oct, 20:58

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Our experts have considered. Only through walls, if they are not insulated, evaporate annually 6 thousand hryvnias from our pockets. 5 thousand is blown through the roof. Three of the Windows. 2.5 thousand out due to improper ventilation. And somewhere in a half during cold running to the door. 18 thousand annually in a private home. Somewhere half in the apartment. The recipe on the conservation of heat, see in the material TSN.