Feigin believes that the issue of the release of Sushchenko can only be decided by Putin

Feigin believes that the issue of the release of Sushchenko can only be decided by Putin

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In the Russian court hopes to justify Sushchenko no.

Russian lawyer mark Feigin, which protects detained in Russia on charges of espionage of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, convinced that the liberation of his client is only possible through the exchange and decide it can only be the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

About it writes “Radio Freedom”.

According to him, the question of the exchange do not solve neither the investigator on the case, not even the chief of investigative management of FSB of Russia.

They say, in a Russian court, where the case is considered as closed because “state secrets”, hopes to justify Sushchenko no.

“I see here only a political solution. The Russian side is much faster to negotiate and in the end the exchange than if anything about him is not true…” – summed up the lawyer.

Recall, 3 October, information appeared about the arrest of Roman Sushchenko Lefortovo court for 2 months. Russian security forces claim that Sushchenko “purposefully collected data, which constitute state secret, the activities of the Armed forces and National guard, the leak of which abroad could harm the defense of the state”. Against the Ukrainian opened a criminal case on charges of espionage, are investigating. Roman Sushchenko in jail “Lefortovo” has found members of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of Moscow. 47-year-old journalist was in the chamber of the quarantine Department.

The journalist told members of the STC that he was put under psychological pressure, and the investigator was not allowed to call and tell his wife about the arrest. The FSB has provided him with a state attorney. The former lawyer was released from Russian captivity of the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko mark Feigin decided to help Sushchenko and become his protector.

Journalist Roman Sushchenko can exchange for a detainee recently in Exactly the agent of the main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The detention of the journalist Sushchenko Moscow had planned special

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This was told by his lawyer mark Feigin. However, according to him, the chances of the release of Ukrainian there. The most real chance the defender refers to the process of exchange. And he says he will raise this issue. Previously to Sushchenko in a Moscow prison finally allowed Ukrainian Consul.