The Prosecutor General’s office reported about suspicion to the mayor Buchi and Secretary of the city Council.

The Prosecutor General’s office reported about suspicion to the mayor Buchi and Secretary of the city Council.


The attorney General argues that “attempts to bribe not pass”.

After investigative work by the Department of investigation in the sphere of the economy today, the GPU reported about suspicion to the Chairman of Luchanskogo city Council Anatoly Fedoruk, and Secretary of the same Council.

About this Facebook informs the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

Fedoruk was charged with illegal transfer to the property of physical and legal entities 68 ha of forest lands of the first category, worth more than 100 million UAH. and the Secretary of Council of 1,024 hectares, which in the absence Fedoruk also illegally transferred land plots of the forest Fund.

According to the public Prosecutor, “in the text of a suspicion of these very well-known names happy “new bochantsev”.

Both defendants is reported about suspicion in Commission of the criminal offense under part 2 of article 364 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (abuse of power).

The investigation intends to suspend Fedoruk from his post.

“In the case of hiding it from the investigation we will be forced to declare him wanted for arrest and detention”, – summed up Lutsenko.

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As reported, in the case of theft of 890 hectares of forest units of the GPU, SBU and the interior Ministry raided the residence of the mayor of Irpin and Buchaand the 31 address. The attorney General Lutsenko noted that after the GPU after the revolution, a court has returned the land to the state, businessmen began to deribanit new.

In turn, the mayor of Irpin Vladimir Karplyuk said that searches a revenge provoked by vigraham elections in Kotsyubinskoye.

Mayor Bucha asks the court to return the separatist Kaletnik 14 hectares of forest

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17 Aug, 20:03

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The city Council and mayor of the city Bucha Anatoly Fedoruk Irpen asked the court to return former Deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the Communist and separatist Igor Kaletnik 14 hectares of forest. The same court and took them exactly two years ago. Who leads the defenders of Kaletnik and possible revenge, see in the material TSN.