Youth housing loans allocated “a paltry” 24 million hryvnias

Youth housing loans allocated “a paltry” 24 million hryvnias


Gemaldegalerie not received funds from the state for the last two years.

Yesterday, 11 October, the government approved the transfer from the state budget of 24 million UAH on increase the authorized capital of State Fund of youth housing assistance.

“These funds will be aimed at implementation of the state program of providing housing for young people, namely for providing long-term concessional loans to young families needing improvement of living conditions”, – stated in the message Homologically.

The state does not Finance lending to youth for two years, has noted on air “Gromadsky radio” first Deputy Chairman of the Board Sergey Room.

“For two consecutive years, the program of the General Fund budget is not funded at all. It exists at the expense of local budgets and own funds Kosmologija (a financial institution and has authorized capital). In the local budgets provided 91 million UAH for the provision of concessional loans. 24 million UAH — at the expense of the share capital Homologically. It is frankly not enough. And in the queue for concessional loans is now more than 12 thousand families. With these allocations we this year can only provide 300. Before the crisis, we would need a 3-3,5 thousand families annually, as received from the state budget of 150-200 million UAH”, – said Room.

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For 2016 requests Kosmologija be 1 billion. The money would be given the opportunity to provide housing for almost three thousand families.

In General, in Ukraine in improvement of living conditions require 650 thousand people, of which 68 thousand young people under 35 years. Additionally 200 thousand internally displaced persons.

“Over the years the activities of the Fund 37 thousand families became owners of housing with our assistance. The program provides loans to young families or individuals at a reduced interest rate. The right to participate in programs that implements the Fund are citizens under the age of 35 years. If the family has no children, the credit is provided at 3% per annum. If there is even one child, then the interest rate is zero. If you have a second child — 25% of the loan “is forgiven”, the third child, minus 25%,” – said Room.

For 2017 in the draft budget laid 28 million UAH on increase of the share capital Homologically.

“We are actively working with the deputies, that we renewed the funding for this program and the program “Affordable housing”, which was actively implemented from 2010 to 2014. It provides citizens in need of better housing conditions, a one-time 30 percent of the assistance during the purchase of housing. This assistance does not need to return. Under the program “Affordable housing” is not supposed to age restrictions,” said Room.

Recall that almost a year ago, has prepared a bill according to which all the participants of the ATO wanted to make up for 50% of the cost of housing loans. However, the law is still not adopted.

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