BP voted for the bill on a commercial account communal

BP voted for the bill on a commercial account communal


Service providers must provide people with tips to save.

The Parliament of Ukraine supported in the first reading the draft law №4901 “On commercial accounting of komuslug“, which legally regulate mandatory installation of a General meter on a house or section of the house, and create the foundations for individual or distribution of records in each apartment.

About it writes “Economic truth”.

“For” the corresponding document voted 238 deputies.

The bill provides that utility providers will be required to provide detailed data about the history of their individual consumption with recommendations to conserve resources.

The law will allow you to enter 100% into account, the Chairman of the State Agency for energy efficiency Sergey Savchuk. It is three quarters will reduce the volume of unaccounted-for water in homes and 15-20% reduction in heat consumption within one to three years.

According to experts, taking full account of consumption will allow residents to save money on heating in an average of 25%.

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Earlier it was reported that the Executive service is increasingly auctioning seized property of the Ukrainians that do not pay for communal, and through increase in tariffs, the number of debtors is increasing. But the government insisted that the Ukrainians will not be evicted from homes for debts for housing and communal services.

The penalty for late payment zhilkomuslug plans to enter the government

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September 2, 2014, 09:48

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Cabinet proposes Parliament to establish penalties in case of late or incomplete payment in the amount of one tenth of one percent of the overdue payment.