The Kiev air traffic controllers told how “planted” the plane without engines

The Kiev air traffic controllers told how “planted” the plane without engines

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Charge of responsible work are the pressure and burden on health.

Ukrainian air traffic controllers celebrated their professional holiday. On this day, they let journalists, to demonstrate the conditions of their labor, says the story TSN.19:30.

The control tower of the airport of Gostomel – the object is not very easy to visit, because to reach the top is not easy. However, working positions fantastic. Angels-guards of the Kiev sky with the celebration in the air greet the pilots. For a clear and dry words of the radio is hidden gratitude, after all, the workers of the tower is the main hope of the aircraft in normal flight.

Vladislav Odesola when I do not take in pilots, and he went to managers. Now do not regret, although more than once he had to literally clear the sky from airplanes to the emergency Board, to find alternate and lift rescue. What Vladislav was on shift when the An-70 stalled all engines. “He really fell. We didn’t actually see the forest, sounded the alarm, thought it was going to be a blast. And he slowly began to rise. Worried of course,” – told the “guardian of heaven”.

On guard security missions: how the Ukrainian air traffic controllers

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They carefully peered into their monitors, transit, constantly kept communication with the crew to protect the aircraft and their passengers from all sorts of ills – storms, storms and collisions. Today guardians of the sky are celebrating their professional holiday – international day of air traffic controller.

Managers, like anyone else, helps pilots and worries about the plane. This is not just felt by the test pilot Viktor Goncharov. In fog or storm, they are literally arm output pilot lights native airport. “Especially when bad weather is always prompt about possible nuances in the sunset,” says the pilot.

Scientists have found that even during quiet shifts at the air traffic controllers quite healthy blood pressure rises and pulse quickens – it pays for liability. This profession is only for people with the strong nerves because every day the price of failure is incredibly high: human lives.

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