In Kiev unknown robbed the owner of a high-end boutique in the capital – media

In Kiev unknown robbed the owner of a high-end boutique in the capital – media


From the apartment made more than a million dollars.

In Kiev, unidentified persons broke into the apartment of an unemployed local resident and stole over a million dollars.

This is with reference to a source in the national police says

As noted, law enforcement officers Monday, October 24, about 20:30 resident asked Pechersk district, a statement about the robbery.

According to the woman, unknown picked up the keys and entering the apartment, made 750 thousand dollars and 300 thousand euros.

The source also said that the woman’s name in 1961 frost, she is not officially employed. Currently, a number of media have suggested that robbed the owner of “Sana hunt” Oksana hunt frost.

In turn, 23 October, the former Deputy Chairman of the State fiscal service, Kostiantyn Likarchuk, on his page on Facebook wrote that international customs officials detained alleged employee “a well-known great and trendy clothing store in the heart of the Museum alley where likes to dress Nasirov”.

According to him, the woman tried to smuggle about $ 1 million in different currencies.

“Of course, to carry the money across the border without protection is madness and suicide. According to my information, cover this woman provided Nasirov or someone from his entourage. But something did not grow together, and one of the customs officers inspected it. It saw the guards that were “not subject” (Nasirov is known to be very greedy) and freaked”, he added.

Later on the site of the Kiev management of DFS has reported that customs officials prevented the export of more than 26.5 million UAH a citizen of Italy, which flew on a private Charter flight to Milan.

“During the oral questioning about the presence of monetary funds, the woman said about the lack of and stressed the presence of her diplomatic immunity. Items in prostanovka customs officers the suitcase, called a diplomatic baggage, with notepads. However, it turned out that the Italian lady had no diplomatic passport, and suitcase the customs officers in the presence of witnesses counted 230 783 thousand euros and 360 thousand dollars”, – said the press service, adding that cash was in sealed boxes from under the Shoe.

After that, the Italian allegedly said that he did not know where the money came from. After the preparation of the staff of the SFS Protocol on violation of customs rules currency were seized.

We will remind, earlier in Kiev unknown robbed the apartment of the ex-Minister of social policy. The attackers made safe with currency, as well as awards and Souvenirs.