A rich wife. For the year spouse Zubko earned 200 thousand more than her husband

A rich wife. For the year spouse Zubko earned 200 thousand more than her husband

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Vice Prime Minister Hennadiy Zubko has published his e-Declaration.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko in General earned for the 2015 911 089 UAH.

And his wife Lyudmila Zubko earned 203 815 UAH more — 1 114 904 UAH. This became known from the e-Declaration official.

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So, Lyudmila Zubko, 2015 received a salary of 120 UAH 461 and 443 994 UAH as income from business activities.

While her husband, Gennady Zubko, received a salary of 73 021 UAH, fees and other payments — 832 000 UAH, and UAH 6068 from credit obligations.

It is interesting that the Deputy Prime Minister Zubko has only VAZ 1989 and trailer “Bee” to him, then as an entrepreneur Lyudmila Zubko has a Toyota Rav4 2006.

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In addition, Zubco declared that another two cars — a Mercedes Benz GL350 CDI 2013 BMW X6 2010 without cost, property rights to which are owned by PJSC “Zhitomir enclosing structures plant”.

It is noteworthy that the shares in the amount of UAH 756 481 from PAT GSOC has it wife teeth.

Note, Lyudmila Zubko owns corporate rights in LLC “butterfly” (1,3 million UAH) and Arkada, OOO (52,5 thousand UAH).

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Regarding real estate, Gennady Zubkov owns land in 2000 sq m and a garage of 24 sq. m. whereas his wife two plots of land of 20 000 sq m and sq 903. M.

Spouses in common ownership with children have an apartment in 87,28 sq. m.

But that’s not all. Each of Zubkov owned luxury Swiss watches. If Gennady Zubko Ulysse Nardin “Marine Chronometr”, Lyudmila Zubko — Omega “Speedmaster”. However, the Declaration value none specified.

Note, however, that under Watches-master, price Ulysse Nardin “Marine Chronometr” 1183-126-3/62 is approximately 6-7 thousand dollars, and according to Price.ua the cost of the Omega “Speedmaster” 4677.60.37 — almost 22 thousand “green”.

Ukrainians continue to learn about the incomes of Ukrainian officials

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The Chairman of the National Bank Valeria Gontareva, which has repeatedly called on Ukrainians to keep their money in UAH, she accumulates them in dollars – they have it on account of one of the state banks $ 2 million, and independent Deputy Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky holds almost $ 150 million in cash. More information in the story TSN.

We will remind, today, on October 30, Ukrainian officials have to complete the electronic submission of declarations on property ownership. Otherwise, they will impose a fine from 1 to 2,5 thousand non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.