The Cabinet 150 million: how many are to go and what Ministers Groisman

The Cabinet 150 million: how many are to go and what Ministers Groisman

TSN.ia compared the declared land, cars and cash of members of the Cabinet.

The first stage of submission of e-declarations of Ukrainian officials ended, however, the rumors of the vast state officials still do not cease.

According to our calculations, more than 150 000 000 UAH cash total keep 24 Minister of the Ukrainian government.

It is believed that a public Declaration of assets of officials will allow to make a step towards the fight against corruption.

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Incidentally, according to the world Bank, the public has access to the declarations of state officials in 8 of 10 countries with high income level, as Transparency International showed that countries with open data about the state officials usually have low levels of corruption.

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It is therefore not surprising that the European Union is one of the items in the list of requirements for Ukrainians visa-free regime has established a functioning system of electronic Declaration.

So, it was decided that Ukrainian officials have submitted their anti-corruption paper of the Declaration till April 1 and the fall — electronic.

The system of e-Declaration in Ukraine work, however, published data officials angered not only Ukrainian, but also the international community.

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And while the NAB has promised to soon start the verification of declarations of Ukrainian people’s deputies, judges and prosecutors, Dnia meanwhile decided to compare millions of revenues and income of the representatives of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers specified in the Declaration of each of them.

I. “Millionaires” for the total revenue

Of the 24 Cabinet Ministers (with the Prime Minister and his deputies inclusive) as many as four were “millionaires”. Thus, among the financial giants are:

  • The Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko with the highest income in 3 807 974 UAH (taking into account compensation for the trip).
  • The Minister of ecology and natural resources Semerak2 239 712 UAH.
  • The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov1 678 414 UAH.
  • Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman1 487 310 UAH.
  • By the way, the total income of almost each of the Ministers was not only the salary (see Paragraph II). It also could include: interest, income from the alienation of immovable property, the reimbursement of travel, reimbursement for Deputy duties, compensation for travel, fees and other payments, gifts and so on. Note that the income of relatives total income of each of the Ministers during the estimates was not considered.

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    Little did not reach the rank of “millionaire” Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko. Its total revenue amounted to 911 089 UAH.

    In the top ten included: the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian800 870 UAH; the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin611 102 UAH; the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik410 614 UAH (including credit, paid with credit card) and the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak.

    As for poslednego, with its unique overall income to decide not easy: in the “fresh” e-Declaration of his income is 351 388 UAH (it includes the salary at the place of work, the fee and the gift).

    But in the paper Declaration Poltorak total income 5 788 UAH more — 357 176 UAH. According to our observations, in the two declarations are not the same amount of gifts: e-Declaration, they constitute 8 610 UAH, whereas in a paper — 13 719 UAH.

    In addition, the declarations Poltorak for 2015 may differ from the fees: is the 76 280 UAH and in paper — 76 959 UAH.

    However, even such inaccuracies do not prevent the Secretary of defense to close ten leaders in the Cabinet with total income.

    Further, the rating looks like this:

    • The Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim Chernysh — 327 991 UAH.
    • The Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych246 952 UAH (including payment for travel and costs associated with the implementation of parliamentary powers).
    • Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk214 525 UAH.
    • The Minister of information policy Yurii stets209 968 UAH (with insurance).
    • The first Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv183 408 UAH.
    • Vice Prime Minister-Minister Vladimir Kistion177 885 UAH.
    • The Minister of social policy Andrei Reva035 169 UAH.
    • Vice Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze163 599 UAH.
    • The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleksandr Sayenko137 251 UAH.
    • Acting Minister of health Suprun129 669 UAH (including funds obtained abroad). Total income Suprun Ukraine — 36 000 UAH.

    In the top twenty of the rating does not include: Minister of youth and sport Igor Zhdanov99 146 UAH; the Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Taras Kutovoy80 716 UAH; Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko — 74 640 UAH and Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko with an income of 74 474 UAH (however, in his paper the Declaration indicated a present to 479 UAH, which is absent in electronic).

    II. “Hard-working”. The rating of the salaries of Ministers on the basic place of work

    In the top three with a salary of more than 15 thousand in a month “behind” the three Ministers:

    • The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak266 498 UAH/year (22 of 208 UAH/month.)
    • The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov228 414 UAH / year (19 034 UAH/month.)
    • Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk182 891 UAH/year (15 241 UAH/month.)

    Wages more than 100 thousand a year had also the Finance Minister danyluk177 010 UAH (and this is his joint property with the spouse); Deputy Prime Minister of Question171 896 UAH (who, incidentally, had two main jobs — Managing the Affairs of Apparatus of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which earned 106 157 UAH, and the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services, where he received 65 739 UAH).

    Also paid over 100 thousand a year (more than 8 thousand per month) were: Minister of social policy Reva -168 635 UAH; Cabinet Minister Saenko136 540 UAH and the Minister of infrastructure Omeljan120 870 UAH.

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    Salaries in the range of 77 to 82 thousand UAH/year in 2015 was: Nasalik (81 122 UAH), Kutovoy (80 716 UAH), Grinevich (80 UAH 515), klympush-Tsintsadze (80 474 UAH), as well as Kubiv — 79 UAH 263, Semerak 78 966 UAH, Zhdanov — 77 808 UAH and Groisman — 77 270 UAH.

    The Ministers Stec, Klimkin, Rozenko, Kirilenko, Zubko and Petrenko salary ranged from 71 to 75 thousand UAH/year.

    One of the most “poor” on a salary of Ministers was the Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim Chernysh — 46 822 UAH. And this despite the fact that he had two main jobs: the Center for the study of security issues (8 841 UAH) and the State Agency of Ukraine for the restoration of Donbass (37 981 UAH).

    A complete “outsider” became the acting Minister of health Suprun: her salary is only 36 000 UAH/year (3 000 UAH / month.)

    III. Cash

    Earn 81 122 UAH per year and the total annual income (which includes salary) 410 614 UAH, the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik manage to keep “on hand” to 4.7 million UAH 890 thousand and $ 240 thousand euros.

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    Thus, he heads the “hryvnia” and “dollar” lists of holders of cash, second only to the Prime Minister Groysman to holding euros. Incidentally, his wife Kasalica still recorded 40 thousand pounds cash.

    Less cash in UAH holds Saenko (87 000) in dollars — Kirilenko (5 200), in Euro — Rozenko (10 000), and in GBP — Avakov (2 100).

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    Full lists can be found below:

    The hryvnia

    • Nasalik — 4 700 000 UAH
    • Kutovoy — 3 550 000 UAH
    • Groisman — 2 380 000 UAH (+ UAH 1 600 000 from the wife)
    • Poltorak — 1 150 000 UAH;
    • Blackie — 900 000 UAH
    • Petrenko — 870 000 UAH
    • Question — 820 000 UAH
    • Rozenko — 550 000 UAH
    • Kubiv — 355 000 UAH
    • Avakov — 265 000 UAH (+ UAH 1 300 000 from the wife)
    • Semerak — 190 000
    • Reva — UAH 87000


    • Nasalik — 890 000 USD
    • Groisman — 870 000 USD (+ the wife of 372 000 USD)
    • Petrenko — 505 000 USD
    • Kutovoy — 463 000 USD
    • Kubiv — 234 000 USD
    • Saenko — 192 000 USD
    • Avakov — 178 000 USD (+ the wife of 275,000 USD)
    • Semerak — 160 500 USD
    • Danyluk — 155 000 USD (joint ownership with spouse)
    • Blackie — 118 000 USD
    • Omeljan — 90 000 USD
    • Zhdanov — 60 000 USD
    • Nisoc — 43 000 USD
    • Poltorak — 42 000 USD
    • Klympush-Tsintsadze — 23 000 USD
    • Grinevich — 18 000 USD
    • Rozenko — 15 000 USD
    • Kirilenko — 5 200 USD


    • Groisman — 460 000 EUR (+ the wife 193 549 EUR)
    • Nasalik — 240 000 EUR
    • Avakov — 118 000 EUR (+ wife 30 000 EUR)
    • Petrenko — 84 000 EUR
    • Kutovoy — 60 000 EUR
    • Blackie — 40 000 EUR
    • Klympush-Tsintsadze — 30 000 EUR
    • Kubiv — 29 000 EUR
    • Omeljan— 25 000 EUR
    • Nisoc — 15 000 EUR
    • Rozenko — 10 000 EUR


    • Nasalik — 40,000 GBP from the wife
    • Danyluk — 21 000 GBP (joint ownership with spouse)
    • Avakov — 2 100 GBP

    IV. Motorists

    The greatest number of cars of all the Ministers (including vehicles of his wife) has the Minister of energy and coal industry Nasaliksix cars (Mercedes-Benz S500L, VAZ 21065, Toyota Avensis, TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO, VOLKSWAGEN CC, Mazda 6 Tupe).

    Four car declared Vice-premiers:

    • Question (ERAZ 762, TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 3.5, LUAZ 969М, Suntay 1600)
    • Zubko (VAZ 2109, TOYOTA RAV 4, MERCEDES BENZ GL350 CDI and leased BMW X6).

    Three cars have:

    • the Minister of infopolitik stets (Lexus RX350, Volkswagen EOS for 307 thousand UAH, and the Infiniti FX 37 for 645 thousand UAH)
    • the Minister of justice Petrenko (Volkswagen, LAND ROVER cost 980 thousand UAH and a rented TOYOTA CAMRY)
    • the Minister of ecology and natural resources Semerak (Jaguar S-type for 295 708 UAH Volkswagen Touareg for 993 500 UAH, Toyota SSU for 265 502 UAH).

    The Prime Minister Groysman and first Deputy Stepan Kubivtwo cars: RANGE ROVER, VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG and Toyota Corolla 1.6 I, Audi Q5 respectively.

    The Minister for the temporarily occupied territories Blackie also declared two cars: Mercedes-BenzML350, as well as Chevrolet AVEO for 354 200 UAH.

    Cars on million declared Deputy Prime Minister klympush-Tsintsadze — Mercedes-Bens GL 350 4matic SDI (1 150 000 UAH), she also recorded Toyota RAV4.

    The Minister of foreign Affairs Klimkin and his wife have one car. Only the Minister is a Skoda Felicia for 45 748 UAH, and his wife’s Volvo S40 for 146 919 UAH.

    One car also have: Kirilenko (Skoda Superb), Rozenko (Toyota Highlander for 389 100 UAH), Saenko (ACURA RDX), Zhdanov (Toyota Camry for 171 360 UAH), Grinevich (Nissan Tiidа), Danilyuk (BMW X5 for 100 000 UAH for the wife) and Poltorak (SMART MICRO for 145 000 UAH for the wife).

    V. Large landowners

    The largest number of sites, the total area declared by none other than the Minister of energy Nasalik. It has four sites in 129 080 square metres. The cost of one of them is not specified in the Declaration, however, three are located in Kyiv region (From 370 to 1,200 sq m).

    Also Nasalik owns the land in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region 126 thousand sq m, and he uses it for free, what is known of his e-Declaration.

    In second place — the Minister of justice Petrenko. He has two sites (one of them is in common ownership with relatives) with a total area of 30 497 sq. m. Both in the Kiev region.

    The Vice-Prime Minister Zubko with his wife are three sections in 22 903 square metres. All Zhitomir region

    Further, the list looks like this:

    • Groisman — 4 section (9 159 square metres) in Vinnitsa region.
    • Kirilenko — 5 land plots with the wife (7884 sq m) in Kyiv region., total cost 152 198 UAH.
    • Zhdanov — 3, two of which belong to the wife, (5597 sq m) in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk region.
    • Grinevich — 2 phase 2 396 sqm (one area on the husband), Kyiv region.
    • Avakov — 2 plot of 2 400 sq. m (one wife), Kharkiv region.
    • Stets — 2 section (1 325 m) in Kiev

    In one area we have:

    • Saenko — 1 200 sq. m (Kiev region).
    • Omeljan — 998 sq. m (Lviv region).
    • Danyluk — 984 sqm on the wife (Kyiv region).
    • Klimkin — 973 sqm is 135 000 UAH in Kiev
    • Klympush-Tsintsadze — 961 sq m on the husband
    • Poltorak — 941 sq. m, his wife (Kharkov region)
    • Question — 900 sq m (Cherkasy region).
    • Kubiv — 594 sq. m in Kiev
    • Reva — 571 sq m for mother (Cherkasy region).

    VI. “Elijah”

    Here we have collected Ministers, who possess the greatest amount of valuable real property, the cost of each of which exceeds 100 minimum wages established for January 1 of the reporting year. An absolute record for the accumulation of things became the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

    He owns 11 pictures, 6 collections of paintings, 5 icons, 4 luxury watches (including Rolex and Jaeger), 3 a collection of coins, 5 antique items, 3 stamps collection 2 chess set, collection of wines (760 bottles), 11 wine appellations (wine 1945-2000), 12 sets of furniture, library editions of XVIII-XXI century, 4 women’s fur coat (mink, sable, Karakul), 3 handbag (including Chanel and Hermes), 4 diamonds no framing (wife) collection of wine labels and more.

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    In second place was the Minister of energy Nasalik. He has 8 statues/busts, 2 Board set, 10 hours (including rose gold), 7 jewelry, 3 coats/jackets (mink, sable), 6 paintings.

    The Prime Minister Groysman declared 12 hours (including Ulysse Nardin, Rolex, Girard-Perregaux, Breguet), as well as 2 cufflink with precious stones, 3 rings with precious stones and 3 pairs of earrings.

    Behind him is the Minister of justice Petrenko with five paintings and two elite watch (Ulysse Nardin and Perrelet).

    The Vice-Prime Minister Zubko three paintings and two watches (Ulysse Nardin, and OMEGA) as well, but some of the things belonged to his wife.

    Further, the list looks like this:

    • Kubiv — Omega and the icon of 1838 L. Papuzynski
    • Danyluk — antique Swiss watches of the XIX century silver, as well as the Athos Icon of St. Nicholas of the XX century (on the son)
    • Kutovoy — two watches (Rolex and Panerai)
    • Omeljan two jewelry (wife): earrings of precious metal, inlaid with precious stones and a ring of precious metal diamond
    • Klympush-Tsintsadze — two hours for his wife (Zenith and Breithling).

    So often in each rank leading place was occupied by the Minister of energy Igor Nasalik, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko.