Despite sanctions, Russian banks are increasing their presence in Ukraine

Despite sanctions, Russian banks are increasing their presence in Ukraine


On the one hand is investment in the economy and jobs, but it’s a direct threat.

During the Russian aggression in the East, the banks of the aggressor has increased its presence in Ukraine, says the story TSN 19:30.

“I have about a million of depositors,” – said the people’s Deputy Vitaliy kupriy.

According to him, this figure was voiced at yesterday’s meeting of the parliamentary Committee on security and defense. According to the NBU, the share of Russian banks in Ukraine exceeded 40% and continues to grow.

“We see that Russian banks are buying other banks without proof of capitalization”, – says MP Serhiy Taruta.

De facto sanctions against Russian banks in Ukraine exist, but they do not prevent them to develop. On the one hand is investment in the economy and jobs, but it’s a direct threat.

“The Bank is a global control over the information people who take loans,” – said the MP Andrew Levus.

It is known that some owners of financial institutions is the state-aggressor and the money they earn in Ukraine go to them in the budget, and commercial – can be used for withdrawal of funds from Ukraine.

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The Deputy Levus says the scheme of a conclusion: the Russian Bank for example lends to companies with Russian owners, which imposed sanctions or, for example, have claims to the Ukrainian militiamen.

“Laying their property on credit, and thus wants to get out from under direct sanctions of property,” he says.

Similar operations have already been observed on the market, so now it’s up to the Verkhovna Rada.

The national Bank such an initiative commented briefly: “Now the National Bank of Ukraine has no legal and economic grounds for the withdrawal of the banks with the Russian capital market.”

Earlier, the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva told the Russian banks operate within the law and claims to him no, but the withdrawal of the Russians from the market will cost tens of billions of hryvnia, and of such money the state does not.

But in the Parliament believe that this is an exaggeration.

“The suspension of banking activities does not mean that they are bankrupt it means that they have to return those contributions that are taken,” – said the people’s Deputy Vitaliy kupriy.

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These same banks supposedly have a lot of property in Ukraine and the world, and in the case of fraud, the funds can be returned through the international arbitration courts with fines. In turn, the NBU could implement partial sanctions. In particular, to prohibit Russian banks extension or withdrawal of capital from Ukraine.

“All countries regulate the presence of foreign banks on the national market”, – said economist Alexander Savchenko.

According to him, the state should be interested primarily in the development of Ukrainian banks, but the share of Russian should be reduced. For example, in the world it is for financial institutions with foreign capital on the market is 10%, while in Ukraine more than quadrupled.

“We have set this standard at 10%, but to give time to the Russian banks for example 5 times to reduce their presence to the regulations,” he said.

It should be noted that Ukrainians have long joined the unofficial boycott. Part of the Russian banks even said that they want to leave Ukraine, because it will suffer a significant loss. Individual banks generally have made lynching. Therefore, the initiators of sanctions against financial institutions hope that the Parliament and the Cabinet and the President will support that decision.

Inefficient constraints: why Russian banks are increasing their presence in Ukraine

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 21:01

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Soon to the Verkhovna Rada a resolution on the introduction of sanctions against Russian banks. On the eve of its recommended support for the relevant Committee. Now, explain that in Ukraine there are restrictions on the activities of Bank of Russia, but often they are inefficient – as a result, banks from country agressors only strengthen their position.