MP Lozovoy explained why not keep the money in the Bank

MP Lozovoy explained why not keep the money in the Bank

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Answering the question about the declared cash, the Deputy told a story about his grandmother.

MP from the Radical party Andrei Lozovoi explained why holding cash declared 50 thousand dollars, 150 thousand euros and 800 thousand UAH.

According to him, he does not trust banks, and told in live talk show “Right to Vlad,” a story about his grandmother.

“I don’t trust banks. Tell a very revealing story. My grandmother is Jeanne Ivanovna, lives in Rivne. All her life she collected money, scraped together 12,500 dollars, crazy money for her. Put it in the Bank, got some interest, and the money disappeared. Every time I come it instead of “Hello” asked me when they will return”, – told Lozova.

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He is photographed in a luxury house in Pechersk bodyguards

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The neighbors of the people’s Deputy from “Radical party” Andrey Lozovoy recorded as the MP comes in apartment complex in elite district of Kiev and enters the house through the corridor of guards. Willow tried to explain how has the means for a prosperous life.

Recall, October 30, the first stage of submission of e-declarations of Ukrainian officials. Zamestitel Chairman NACP Ruslan Radetsky announced that more will go to check e-filed returns. Among the first “lucky” were MPs, judges and prosecutors.