In the Donbass will soon be officially import some products — Advisor to the Minister

In the Donbass will soon be officially import some products — Advisor to the Minister

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Now agree on a list of products that will be officially imported in the occupied territories in the East.

Advisor to the Minister of occupied territories and IDPs Yury Grimchak declared that Ukraine has much to lose in economic and political terms because of the prohibition to transport goods in the occupied Donbass.

So now agree on a list of goods which may be imported by dividing line officially. On it informs Radio “Freedom”.

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“There is an understanding that, for example, food can be transported through the line of differentiation because we are losing economically and politically. The list is agreed. It will be published. It will be possible partially to remove any questions about the goods that cross the demarcation line illegally,” said Grimchak.

At the same time the adviser to the Minister stressed that the smuggling of goods in the occupied Donbass is not smuggling.

“It’s called the illegal movement of goods across the line of demarcation. When I hear contraband, it is, first, legally wrong, and secondly, there is smuggling across the borders between countries that recognized. There we have no borders with any other country. There is the same Ukraine, only temporarily occupied territory”, — said the Grimchak.

We will remind, for the last days of the Russian occupation troops 38 times opened fire at positions of the Ukrainian defenders. It is noted that on the Mariupol direction there were 25 cases of violations of the cease-fire.

In the capital of the fraudulent firm earns money for the soldiers ATO

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