It became known that Lutsenko will go to the Hague for negotiations on crimes against Maidan

It became known that Lutsenko will go to the Hague for negotiations on crimes against Maidan

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The attorney General wants Parliament promptly voted for in absentia conviction of Yanukovych and his entourage.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in the 20’s of November is going to be held in the Hague negotiations with the representatives of the International criminal court for investigation of investigation of crimes against activists Euromaidan.

About this Lutsenko told reporters after meeting with families of Heroes of Heavenly one Hundred, informs “Interfax-Ukraine”.

As noted by the attorney General, representatives of the ICC doubt that the events on Maidan can be directly considered in the Hague, because you need to prove that in Ukraine there is no possibility to carry out the investigation and the court on these issues.

According to him, Ukraine really can lead the investigation and trial (even in absentia) for these crimes, but during consultations with representatives of the ICC were found understanding that the events on the Independence Maidan in Kiev in 2014 were only part of the chain that led to the war in Ukraine, that already falls under the jurisdiction of the ICC.

“Our version, which I will discuss in the Hague, is as follows: Yanukovych and his entourage initially with a view to keep their power for looting the country went to the pressure against the demonstrators who opposed his policies, then their physical destruction, and then he flew to the East of Ukraine and tried to split the country, when this failed, he flew to the territory of Russia, and then in the Crimea in order to “sanctify” the annexation of Crimea… the Actual composition of high treason, which led to the that high probability is the jurisdiction of the ICC,” – said Lutsenko.

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Despite this, in the opinion of the attorney General, the events on the Maidan in Kiev and Kharkov, Donetsk, Odessa and other Ukrainian cities, and then the fighting in the East of the country led to war crimes. He noted that the ICC was satisfied with the quantity and quality of the materials that were provided to them by the military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.

The attorney General also announced that he will ask President Petro Poroshenko submit to the Verkhovna Rada as urgent developed GPU the bill on amendments to the law on absentee condemnation for its application against ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage.

“The problem that was discussed today is the question of conviction. There are two laws. One, ironically, was adopted under Yanukovych. According to them, there are a number of products that can be send to court. Because there are relevant international decisions… There is also another law, which was enacted simultaneously with my appointment to the office (the Prosecutor General – ed.). A number of lawyers say that it is imperfect. The Prosecutor General’s office has developed draft amendments to this law in order to avoid possible accusations by the European court of human rights… and selective justice,” – said Lutsenko.

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The attorney General noted that this law was discussed with the relatives of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and agreed with them.

“And I turned to work… to appeal to the President to make this bill urgent. Will also appeal to Parliament to consider it and will argue why you need it”, – Lutsenko told.

He also noted that today the Pechersk district court of Kiev there is no judge that can hear cases against Yanukovych, but there are 4 jobs that should be filled expeditiously.

According to Lutsenko, these cases may be heard in other courts, in addition to the Pechersk district court. Cases against Yanukovych and his entourage will be transmitted to the court as they are completed, and the verdicts against them can be expected in 2017.

We will remind that the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine is ready before the end of the year to bring to trial a case of high treason Viktor Yanukovych and his desertion to the enemy. The attorney General called the four priority processes which will begin soon in courts. Important – it is the usurpation of power by the ex-President, bring to the impoverishment of the APU and the flight to Russia. Another priority is economic crimes Azarov, Klyuev, Klimenko, Arbuzov and smartly. The Prosecutor’s office in a hurry, because banks keep their archives only five years. Information for 2011 not all provide. A separate case highlighted the privatization of “Ukrtelecom” through offshore. And the fourth episode of the pressure on the religious denomination.

Mr. Yan said that the case of the crimes of Yanukovych to bring to trial before the end of the year

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So says the head of the Department of special investigation. “The Association of several criminal proceedings on the crimes of Yanukovych and his team reduces the time of investigation. Therefore, a full investigation of the atrocities of the fugitive President in a short time is impossible,” – said the Deputy Prosecutor General. Appropriate to send to the court the individual scenes and sentences to join in the great case concerning a criminal organization.