Karpyuk next week can send to Yakutia to Sentsov – runners

Karpyuk next week can send to Yakutia to Sentsov – runners

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Earlier, the Supreme court upheld the sentence of the Ukrainian political prisoner.

Convicted in Russia of a Ukrainian political prisoner Mykola Karpiuk next week can send to Yakutia, where he is serving the punishment of another Ukrainian Oleg Sentsov.

This broadcast Еспресо.TV said Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov, who has previously defended the Hope Savchenko.

“I predict that next week can happen that Karpyuk can send to Yakutia. Where is now Sentsov,” said the lawyer.

Polozov accused his colleague Ilya Novikov in the inability to provide quality legal aid Karpiuk. Note that after the liberation Savchenko between three of its lawyers – Polozova, Novikov and Marc by vaginam – there was a conflict. Polozov and Feigin accusing Novikov in that he allegedly secret spy of the Kremlin.

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We will remind, the Russian Prosecutor’s office demanded to put Karpuk at 22.5 years, and Cliche – for 22 years. May 19, the jury recognized Karpyuk and Cliche guilty. Protection of Ukrainians believe that the jury was pressured. The Ministry of justice said that immediately after sentence begins the procedure of extradition of the Ukrainians.

Case Karpyuk and Cliche fabricated by the Russian investigative Committee and it appears the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Lawyer Ilya Novikov released new details about, in his words, “this sordid history.” In it Russia officially declares that in ‘ 94 Yatsenyuk was nicknamed “fighter Arsen”, fought in Chechnya against Russian troops with Alexander Muzychko known as Sasha White, and former head of the Lviv organization UNA-UNSO Andriy Shkil and, in fact, now defendants in Chechnya Ukrainians – Karpyuk and Klahom.

On the eve of the judicial Board on criminal cases of the Supreme court of Russia affirmed the sentence of the Ukrainians, who were illegally convicted and dismissed the appeal.

Protection of Ukrainians Klich and Karpyuk is preparing a complaint to the European court of human rights

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October 27, 12:30

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This became possible after the Supreme court of Russia on the eve of finally approved the sentence of the Ukrainians. Immediate release of political prisoners Klich and Karpyuk demands of Moscow, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, which condemned another mockery of the Ukrainians. Russia’s Supreme Court appeal is not upheld, and upheld the decision 20 and 22 and a half years of imprisonment on fabricated charges of participation Stanislaus and Nicholas in the Chechen war.