The Kiev school was inspected by the teacher from Britain. What most shocked the foreigner

The Kiev school was inspected by the teacher from Britain. What most shocked the foreigner

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The Minister of education Lilia Hrynevych has agreed to join the inspection.

At the invitation of the journalist of the program TSN.Week Galina Sergeeva history teacher Graeme McQueen from the UK conducted an experiment and inspected the regular Kyiv school №316. Moreover, to follow the journey of a European teacher agreed to the Minister of education of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych.

The first thing that struck teacher from Britain, is the news that schools have rooms and do not have individual names. He is determined to see the positive in everything, so as soon as the child rejoices in the bushes of chrysanthemums in the yard.

“Although all of these panel blocks 90 times, you go and see those flowers and that means someone cares about this school,” explains Graham McQueen.

In England, all are crazy about flowers and gardening, and believe that the child should grow up among the beautiful.

Foreign counterpart to meet the Director and the English teacher. First, it shows DIY to the day, and then a long series of diplomas that adorn the walls. And while in Europe this afternoon with fire you will not see, there is basically children’s drawings, Graham the intelligent smiles.

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In the class in elementary school, Graham is surprised by the appearance of the students – they “dressed up”: ties for boys and white ribbons for girls. 30 children sit, unmoved, and is still quite young.

Graham sees the correct teacher in the notebook of the student red paste. Explains that in Britain, such as make a green paste or pencil. And practice when the students check the completed tasks from each other.

The next thing Graham are in the school Museum, there is great pride in the national dress, Shevchenko houses and long rows of books behind glass cases.

“We call this archive. You will see schools that have had the Museum. You can go to the Museum in some other place,” said the Briton.

Graham tries unsuccessfully to talk to someone of the students in English. Why Ukrainian children learn the language almost from the first class, and you can say the unit is a mystery to all of Europe. Perhaps because we do not speak to each other in English class?!

In the hallway, near the Museum, Graham suddenly stumbles upon the two girls on duty in the blue and yellow ties. They ensure that the corridors did not run children.

And the teachers from the UK were impressed by the salaries of Ukrainian teachers. Young professional who comes to work after University, receives about 2 thousand hryvnia. It is about 60 pounds. Graham asks, is the salary for a week. When he hears that month, restrained Englishman can’t hide their emotions.

“I was struck by teacher’s salary. And how many students per teacher,” says Graham.

That such payment is almost the main cause in the decline of the prestige of the teaching profession and education level, confirmed by the Minister Liliya Hrynevych, which breaks the old schemes. However, slower than we would like. Because even with the new year teacher’s salary needs to grow, it is still far from the European key to a successful school – teacher’s salary shall be one and a half times the city average.

More details about how he passed on the school, look at the video.

Wages and education: what and why shocked English teachers in the regular Kyiv school

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One of the best British teachers brought in an average Ukrainian school. Our classes, parade uniforms, a school Museum and a knowledge of English. What impressed and surprised it European. Followed the visit of the European teacher the Minister of education Lilia Grinevich.