In Kiev there appeared the opportunity to change my apartment to a new townhouse

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In Kiev there appeared the opportunity to change my apartment to a new townhouse

LCD “New Koncha-Zaspa” starts the program on replacement of the secondary on the townhouses.

Perhaps, every resident of Kiev will agree that living in the capital is becoming unbearable. A perpetual bustle, overcrowded sleeping areas clogged with cars in the yards. In addition, an unexpected outage light, water, heat… and even a crazy uncontrolled utility rates.

Exchange program of old housing works since this summer and has become very popular among Kyivans. Just a couple of months took over 30 happy families who already live or make repairs in a private, spacious townhouses.

How it works

In a nutshell – the expert of the company’s preliminary evaluation of your apartment (based on average market performance), and you choose a townhouse in a residential complex, taking into account the cost of the apartment. All the hassle and costs of selling the old apartment developer takes over and provides information and consulting support in the preparation of documents for the transaction. Further – apartments for sale, payment of the townhouse and sign the purchase contract.

Are there any risks?

There are no pitfalls or risks. Everything is completely transparent and clear, as the apartments are sold at market prices, and townhouses ready, connected to all communications. Left to do the repairs yourself and call. Also, there are options of townhouses in different areas of the suburb – Novoobukhovskaya (in the village Hodosovka), and St. Sophia Borschagivka, S. Svyatopetrovsk (Petrovskoe).

What is a townhouse and what he

In simple words, this townhouse is a separate unit of a large private house, two floors with a private garden. This is a harmonious combination of the advantages of an apartment and a country cottage. There are different variants of sizes: from 73 to 125 m2, the dimensions of the courtyards are also different. In General, there are plenty to choose from for every budget and taste.

All townhouses built of red bricks with good heat and sound insulation. The roof of metal, triple-pane Windows and window sills. Also installed meters for gas, electricity and water. Each customer is provided a guaranteed Parking space.

Find out more information about the exchange program housing is possible on the website of the developer.