Saakashvili has not fulfilled most of its promises – experts

Saakashvili has not fulfilled most of its promises – experts


From the beginning of his tenure as head of the regional administration he promised a lot of things that are not within its powers.

Mikheil Saakashvili to the post of Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration did not fulfill most of his promises, claim the experts of the project “Literally” Committee of voters of Ukraine. They analyzed the loudest statements of policy.

The Committee of voters of Ukraine

“The biggest challenge to Saakashvili that he from the very beginning of his tenure as head of the regional administration promised many things that did not fall within his authority. Obviously, at first it was due to the fact that he knew little about the Ukrainian realities and laws. And at the same time tried to be a civil servant, and politician”, – said the Chairman of the Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel.



  • 1.
  • Promise: “We’ll fix the road Odessa-Reni, and then Odessa-Kiev”

    Fact: the Repair of the road Odessa-Reni is still not completed due to the lack of investor

  • 2.
  • Promise: Saakashvili promised to open the Odessa access misappropriated beaches

    Fact: the Townspeople began to put on the beach in a closed area of the boarding house “Green coast” and in the area of Dacha Kovalevskogo. However, most of the beaches remained closed. In particular, demolished the fence near the residence of Sergey Kivalov

  • 3.
  • Promise: In Odessa will have a new center, where it will be possible one day to obtain a passport or to acquire a right to property”

    Fact: In October 2015 in Odessa really opened the Center of administrative services, which was subsequently closed due to “lack the powers and funding”

  • 4.
  • The promise: to Reduce the number of officials in the regional administration, to eliminate unnecessary structural subdivisions and positions

    Fact: Halved the staff of the regional state administration and joined a number of departments and offices RSA, left only 10 offices and departments of the 27

  • 5.
  • Promise: Odessa is the home of the Ukrainian Navy. You need to find the headquarters of the Navy bases. We decided to do it in the House of trade unions

    Fact: the Court left Odessa house of trade unions in the ownership of trade Union organizations. For the naval staff, the government allocated another room

  • 6.
  • Promise: to Complete the construction of a new airport terminal and open a new runway

    Fact: the airport Terminal is not put into operation, the runway is not built

  • 7.
  • Promise: In June 2015, Ukraine will have a new police

    Fact: the New police in the major cities of Ukraine started to run in August 2015

  • 8.
  • The promise to Hold an open competition for the position of head of the Odessa customs

    Fact: 16 Oct 2015 with violation of the procedure of Yulia Marushevska appointed head of the Odessa customs

  • 9.
  • The promise to Demolish the “cottage Zlochevsky,” which “pay ordinary residents of Odessa”

    Fact: as of November 2016, giving the ex-Minister of ecology demolished

  • 10.
  • The promise: to Prevent the demolition of the Cottages doxa. 28 Oct 2016: “I stopped the destruction of a unique monument of architecture of the 19th century”

    Fact: the next day, October 29, Cottage doxa demolished

    KIA added that the analysis is performed within the research activities of extra-parliamentary parties and politicians. For the study was selected the statements and promises of Saakashvili, who has received the most media attention and who the politician announced, being at the head of the Odessa regional administration (from 30 may 2015 to 9 November 2016).

    Recall, November 7, Saakashvili announced his resignation. He stressed that President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko does not adhere to their promises and the presidential Administration is promoting in place of heads of district administrations of the old corrupt.