Kiev vs clumsy balconies: “raspiarenny” the social network completion stoned

Kiev vs clumsy balconies: “raspiarenny” the social network completion stoned

At KCSA promise to fight with plastic balconies on historic buildings.

In the Kyiv city Council promised to remove the white plastic from the balconies of the buildings in the center of Kiev. Ukraine has a law banning the glaze is old and to build new construction on historical buildings. But apartment owners neglect it, says the story TSN.19:30.

In the capital’s Podil almost every house – a monument of architecture. And all of them are embellished with unhistorical elements. The balconies of the Soviet era – metal, peeling paint, and modern – sheathed white plastic. Fantasy owners of historians and architects, who have built, are unlikely to be happy.

Balconies set without any documents. Guide and kyyevoznavets Arseniy Finberg TSN shows the architecture of a modern hem.

“The removal of the balconies, or even the installation of air conditioning – it is absolutely prohibited because it is a violation of the historic house,” – said the expert.

The most striking example of bad taste and denigrating the history of Arseniy calls structure, covered with white plastic that just sticks out from the corner of the 150-year-old house.

The next day after the interview with kyyevoznavets on the balcony at the corner of Cyril, there are holes. The balcony with the apartment belongs to the family Veselska. Inside modest repairs and children’s toys. Mistress Alena was waiting for investigators to show holes from stones that someone threw in the white plastic night.

“We got a apartment with a balcony – it’s just that we sheathed with clapboard. And here we arrived here is in the night. Falling rocks inside of the balcony. Woke up my baby, and I exploded. It was scary,” – says the owner of the dwelling.

The balcony of the white panels they have trimmed five years ago. But threats for desecrating a historical monument in social networks only began in the last days. After a photo of their house illustrated article on the Internet.

“No we have never come and spoken that is not aesthetically pleasing, is not beautiful that this historic building is that the balconies can not be touched,” say the tenants.

Ban glass balcony: how people have to live in historic homes

TSN. 19:30
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In the Kyiv city Council promised to remove the white plastic from the center of Kiev. Ukraine has a law banning glaze old and build new construction on historical buildings. But the apartment owners neglect it.

Metropolitan Inspectorate for protection of historical monuments is four people and one supervisor. To protect they have three and a half thousand houses. There is not even hide the fact that almost all of the time spent on paperwork and answering queries.

“It is necessary to increase the staff of inspectors. To do so, the inspectors were divided into districts. And not to 4 inspectors traveled all over Kiev, and every day something happens,” – said in an inspection.

Even if the inspector arrives to the apartment where you installed illegal balcony, the maximum that threatens its owner – a fine of 850 hryvnia. To make clean design can only court. Open production facilities in the capital yet, but there must be tens of thousands.

In the capital’s city Council to deal with plastic balcony along with air conditioning in historic buildings, promise. They didn’t say when.

“We are on this road do not be afraid. This decision will be made. And we will make it right. Time is the most thankless job. I’m not ready to comment on it”, – the Deputy of city Council Volodymyr Prokopiv.

Meanwhile, Alyona looks at the Hem through the hole in their balcony. Says, would like it completely removed, if the municipality has renovated the facade to the apartment or bleeding in the rain. Her house, though a monument of architecture, but the years in disrepair.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Mitin