Russian scientist called trump a descendant of the princes of Kiev

Russian scientist called trump a descendant of the princes of Kiev

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The researcher also traced the relationship between Obama and Rurik.

The Russian philosopher and blogger Alexander Nilogov, which according to Wikipedia, “more than fifteen years engaged in research in the field of genealogy”, traced the family tree to the newly-elected President of the United States Donald trump and claims that the American billionaire is derived from Rurik, founder of Novgorod Principality. This scientist wrote in a blog for publication Tomorrow.

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For this chain on the way to Rurik, the author says, to distant relatives trump traced the Kievan princes Igor, Svyatoslav, Vladimir and Yaroslav and his daughter Anna. This, says the author, is based on several female lines.

“We are not talking about the direct relationship of the male or female line, and mixed. Following three women’s line of kinship of the 45th US President Donald trump with Rurik the Varangian, it was revealed that trump, through his mother Mary Anne trump (nee Macleod) have Rurik descendant in the 36th, 37th and 38th knees,” the article says.


Rjurikov, according to the philosopher, goes back to race, and the predecessor trump, Barack Obama. In his work, the researcher used the sites that offer everyone to learn your family tree and Wikipedia.

“All American presidents, with the exception of the 8th President Martin van Buren are related to descendants of king John of England. For example, 44th President Barack Hussein Obama through his mother is also a descendant of Rurik the Varangian in the female line in the 35th knee,” – says Nilogov.

The author also writes that the relationship of the tramp with the founders of Kievan Rus is not a sensation, because “a lot of US presidents related to European Royal and aristocratic families, and those in turn are associated with Rurikovich marriage through the female lines”.

Note that earlier researchers have found a very distant kinship trump with Germany – supposedly his family is from a small German village.