Georgian troops. Officials who tried to change Ukraine

Georgian troops. Officials who tried to change Ukraine

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The Ukrainian government invited foreign reformers, and despite the resistance of the system, some of them managed to achieve success.

On 14 November, the head of national police Khatia Dekanoidze resigned and was one of the last of the Georgians, who worked in Ukraine in leadership positions.

The Georgian team was invited to Ukraine after revolution of dignity. They were called reformers and pinned high hopes on them. However, something went wrong and officials declared the resignation, while at high positions of the Georgians left only one Deputy Minister of justice Gia Getsadze.

TSN.ia remembered history and the circumstances of the dismissal of members of the Georgian troops.

Khatia Dekanoidze, head of the National police from November 5, 2015


Khatia Dekanoidze was one of those who reformed Georgia, which in 2014 showed the best result in reforms under the Doing Business ranking.

Its way into politics She started at age 24 and soon headed the administration of the Ministry of public security. Later Dekanoidze headed the police Academy of the MIA of Georgia, was Director of the National examination centre, then – Minister of education and science.

Work in Ukraine Khatia beginning in February 2015 advising of the new government. Worked as an adviser to the interior Minister Arsen Avakov. After a few months was appointed head of national police.

According to media reports, the reason for the dismissal Dekanoidze was great resistance to her work, which she felt at the post. The official Khatia at a press conference announced that it has fulfilled its function, so feels free to go with this post.

At the same time, she noted that in Ukraine there is a tradition of interference of politicians to the police. “I couldn’t stand dirty linen in public, I’m a public person. But it is my duty to appeal to the politicians and officials at all levels, ranging from deputies to the highest offices with the request and even demand to give up interference in police work,” said Dekanoidze, adding that politicians should not use the law enforcement agencies in their own interests.

Alexander Kvitashvili, Minister of health of Ukraine from 2 December 2014 to 14 APR 2016

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Kvitashvili was one of the first Georgians who came to work in the Ukrainian government. The rector of the Tbilisi state University and former Minister of labour, health and social protection of Georgia received in the subordination of the Ukrainian Ministry of health.

Kvitashvili started the reorganization of the work of the Ministry with the dismissal of the heads of all departments of government agencies. However, with the medical reform fared worse. The Minister periodically complained of obstructing reform, particularly on the part of MPs.

However, it has streamlined the system of procurement of medicines through international organizations, which allowed to save more than half. Kvitashvili was dismissed together with all the government Yatsenyuk.

Then the Georgians from the Ukrainian nationality declared that is not going to leave the country. He assured that during the work have good team and he’s got a lot of projects in Ukraine. However, since that time no statements about their success Kvitashvili did not.

David Sakvarelidze, Deputy Prosecutor General from 16 February 2015 to 29 March 2016


The former Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia and member of the Georgian Parliament Davit Sakvarelidze in February 2015 have accepted the offer of presidential Administration to occupy the post of Deputy Ukrainian Prosecutor General, which was also combined with the position of the Prosecutor of Odessa region.

Sakvarelidze was engaged in a system of competitive recruitment of local prosecutors, which launched in the summer of 2015. According to the Prosecutor, such a large-scale competition for prosecutors local level in Ukraine was never. However, during competition in the GPU has faced many challenges, including attempts by interested parties to promote “their” people to “juicy” posts.

Sakvarelidze also contributed to the scandalous affair of the “diamond of prosecutors” during which it came into confrontation with the public Prosecutor Victor Shokin and his supporters, who strongly opposed the idea of reforming the GPU.

As a result of this confrontation Sakvarelidze was Shokin dismissed by the order dated 29 March with the phrase “in connection with complaints from MPs”.

Sakvarelidze has described his dismissal as a sweep in the Prosecutor’s office from those wishing to fight corruption and the old system.

Eka Zguladze, first Deputy interior Minister from 17 December 2014 to 11 may 2016


Catherine Zguladze, which in Georgia for several years held the position of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs, Ukraine has received the corresponding position. In its asset – the creation of the National police of Ukraine, the reform and traffic police patrol, recruitment on a competitive basis and increase the salaries of the new police force.

Zguladze called the guardian angel of police reform in Ukraine. However, on 11 may 2016 became aware of her resignation. In the media expressed many versions of such a step from a conflict with Avakov before pregnancy FAC.

However, she later explained that was not going to stay long in this position, they say, we need people with ambition.

Zghuladze added intention to help the reform of the interior Ministry in the group of advisers of the Ministry.

Mikheil Saakashvili, head of the Odessa regional state administration from 30 may 2015 to 9 November 2016

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Last week the resignation of one of the most controversial representatives of the Georgian team Mikheil Saakashvili.

Former President of Georgia was appointed to the post of head of the Odessa region in may 2015, and at once began active work, which was more focused on the camera than on achieving real results.

According to experts of Committee of voters of Ukraine, Saakashvili has not fulfilled most of its promises. A list of the most dramatic statements of the former head of Odesa and analysis experts can see the link

November 7, Saakashvili announced his resignation, accusing the President of Petro Poroshenko in the promotion of corruption. Later the former head of Odessa region declared the creation of a new political force, which under his leadership will strive for the early parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

Giorgi Lortkipanidze, head of the Odessa police from 16 Jun 2015 to 7 November 2016

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The same day Saakashvili resigned and General of the police, Giorgi Lortkipanidze, who during the presidency of Mikheil Deputy interior Minister of Georgia.

Lortkipanidze was the chief of the Odessa militia a year and a half ago. Then Eka Zguladze, who previously worked with him in Georgia, described him as a highly professional specialist.

Informing about the resignation, Lortkipanidze complained about the difficult staffing situation. According to him, after optimization of the regional Department was left without 40% of the personnel. Lortkipanidze said that has made considerable efforts to improve the situation, but they have not led to substantial progress.

Lortkipanidze is the acting chief of the regional police as long as the leadership of the interior Ministry did not appoint his successor.