Gontareva has accused Tymoshenko of lying to the Ukrainians and warned of the consequences of populism

Gontareva has accused Tymoshenko of lying to the Ukrainians and warned of the consequences of populism

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The national Bank urge people not to succumb to the manipulations of politicians.

The head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva commented on the conduct of the meetings of depositors of failed banks and said planned information attack on the Bank.

In his video message, the head of the financial regulator was accused of lying leader of the “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko, which organizes the shares.

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“The leader of the political party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko, who collects depositors of failed banks to rallies, openly deceives Ukrainians. Facts and figures that she uses in speeches and agitmaterialy, untrue and indefensible. Yulia Tymoshenko was joined by several people’s deputies who are trying to destabilize the economic situation to use this for their own political purposes,” – said Gontareva.

In her words, populism is at hand, and the owners of the bankrupt banks that the NBU prevented to carry out to withdraw funds from banks and continue to lend the deposits exclusively to your business.

Gontareva added that the national Bank of Ukraine and Deposit guarantee Fund has submitted to law enforcement bodies more than 3.3 million allegations of criminal offences for a total of about 300 billion hryvnia.

“The money the owners of failed banks withdrew from the financial institutions to invest in the development of their business empires. Their banks went bankrupt, depositors suffered, but their main business operates and brings them income, and their names continue to appear in the rankings of richest Ukrainians”, – said the head of the NBU.

According to Gontareva, the interests of the organizers of the campaign against the Bank – the change of power in Ukraine, which is loyal to the owners of failed banks and turn a blind eye on their billions of dollars in debt.

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“If to fulfill political promises of the organizers of this event, Ukraine will be back in 90-ies. Starts the printing press – so did all the previous authorities. Only for Tymoshenko’s Premiership, the national Bank provided banks with 84 billion of refinancing and recapitalization of banks about 12 billion UAH. Most of these funds withdrawn from banks by their owners and will not be returned to the state,” she explained.

The consequences of this, according to the head of the NBU, feel millions of Ukrainians. In particular, the rapid growth of prices for products and services, the depreciation of the hryvnia and the cost of imported goods.

“We urge the Deputy corps to stop political insinuations and to work with us to reform the financial sector. Enact laws that will be more useful than the thousands of political slogans, dozens of rallies and hundreds of appearances on talk shows. Everyone should faithfully carry out their work,” Gontareva appealed to politicians.

She also urged Ukrainians not to give in to manipulation.

November 15, in Kiev began a protest, which organizers called indefinite. The only requirement now to announce the resignation of the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva.

Interestingly, far not all participants could tell the Bank where they lay their contributions, while others simply didn’t answer questions and were aggressive with journalists.

Earlier, the SBU reported that Russia is preparing for large-scale destabilization of the situation in Ukraine from November 15. About the beginning of the implementation of such a plan according to information taken from the mailbox of the Russian President’s adviser, Vladislav Surkov, say security forces.

The goal of the plan of the Russian Federation is the internal destabilization of Ukraine. It is an organization of early parliamentary elections in our country to bring to power and the strengthening of Pro-Russian forces in the new Parliament.