Firms of deputies-millionaires Dubravica received orders billion budgetary hryvnias

Firms of deputies-millionaires Dubravica received orders billion budgetary hryvnias

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Almost all orders are concentrated in the two electoral districts of deputies.

Company of people’s deputies, Bogdan and Yaroslav Dubravica over the past two years has received orders for the construction and repair of roads in the Lviv region a billion hryvnia. Almost all of the orders – in constituencies where they were elected.

This is stated in a large-scale investigation of the publication “Nashi Groshi.Lviv.

Three of the company directly associated with members Dubnevych – “Maple”, “TYR” and “Energy-Montazhservis” – from the beginning of November 2015 until November 2016 has received almost 37% of the total amount of budget funds provided for repairs and construction of infrastructure facilities in the Lviv region. These companies were divided between 627,3 million.

These three companies are the main contractors for the public sector of Lviv region – if the majority of the construction firms received during the year one to three order of budget, then, for example, “Maple” in 2015 received 13 contracts for reconstruction and construction of objects of social sphere.

Most of the objects dealt with by the firm Dubravica located in Pustomytovskiy and Haradok districts of Lviv, where they were elected. Thus, members not only earn a lot of money in the state budget, but also show concern for voters.

Nashi Groshi. Lviv

Another area, which was actively interested in the brothers Dubravica is road construction. Associated with Bogdan Dubravice firm “DAKO Plus” is one of the most active players on the Lviv market roads in 2016. This year the company that was previously engaged in the sale of parts for locomotives, has received orders for 385 million.

The success of “DAKO Plus” on tenders for repairs of roads coincided with the appointment to the post of Deputy head on financial-economic issues of Service roads in the Lviv region, Stepan Manka, who still co-owns “Interterm”, close to the brothers Dubravica. The company previously received multimillion-dollar orders from the railroad, and its competitor at the auction was made by “DAKO Plus”. Stepan Manko not only the Deputy chief, but the Chairman of Committee of the competitive auction of the regional roads.

It is worth noting that Bogdan Dubnevich recently informed its readers in Facebook about the great prospects of the State road Fund will accumulate funds for repair of roads of the paid excise taxes on fuels, fines, special fees and the like. The Fund will not take effect until 2018, it is planned that it will accumulate at least 40 billion UAH annually.

Dubnevich is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on government investment projects and the analysis of efficiency of management of enterprises of the public sector Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on budget issues. It will directly affect the distribution of the Fund. So expect that firms associated with Dubanevychi will receive more funds to build roads.

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TSN. 16:45
April 17, 2015, 18:13

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Activists were outraged by the pictures that the son of people’s Deputy Bogdan Dubnevich published in social networks. The photo chosen with the killed rare animals for hunting in Ukraine and around the world. Dubnevich sports trophies – sitting on a dead bear and pulling his ears.

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One of the deputies definitely does not live on the salary is to take Dubnevichi. Brazen scheme of stealing state billions of hryvnia has exposed their colleague – the people’s Deputy Vitaliy kupriy. According to him, the tenders of Railways for the ninth year in a row parasite dubious company LLC “Corporation KRT”.

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These dear people do not trust the Ukrainian banks, if you store your millions in suitcases. But this does not prevent them to assure people of the reliability of the banking system. MPs from Lviv Bogdan and Yaroslav Dubnevichi took 1st place. Elected officials of BPP like art and a Swiss watch. Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky is the second place. This is the one that “sold a rolls-Royce, went to war.” Ivan Fursin – the people’s Deputy from the “Will of the People”, in third place.