In “Kyivenergo” guilty of “hot” accounts called cold weather

In “Kyivenergo” guilty of “hot” accounts called cold weather


The company explained that the calculations for heat conducted in accordance with government regulations.

The company “Kyivenergo”, which is responsible for heating the majority of the inhabitants of the capital, sky-high sum in the accounts for October explained by the fact that, say, the past month has been very cold, and so charges are high to those consumers who do not have heat meters.

Commercial Director of “Kyivenergo” Eugene Bushma today, November 16, at a press conference explained that in the calculation of payments was guided by the methodology approved by the Cabinet – the rate is calculated with reference to average monthly temperature and number of days of the heating period. This writes UNIAN.

“There is a feature related to resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of 19 December last year. This decision takes into account two key factors: the number of days when the heating is in the month, and the ambient temperature relative to the temperature, which is included in the tariff. Any mistakes or incorrectness is not” – said Bushma.

“Kyivenergo” laid down in the tariff forecast temperature index of +8.1 ° C, and calculating the cost of heating is used the temperature indicator Oct +6.5 degrees.

“Moreover, the tariff for October laid 15 days, given the fact that we started the heating period to 15 August, the number of days of heating in some cases the above tariff. It is also in this formula increases the calculation”, – he said.

For about 650 houses with house meters were assessed accounts on consumption due to the fact that the staff of “Kyivenergo” are unable to access the counters. Bushma promised that the charges will be adjusted.

“Kyivenergo” serves 9 thousand houses. 1.8 thousand of them counters is not installed (it is 20% while the citywide rate of 10%).

“In Kiev there are about 700 houses, where the counters are set technically impossible”, – explained Bushma.

At the same time, the Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Petr Panteleyev said that by the end of 2016 all houses of Kiev will install the local counters.

“Until the end of the year we plan 100% equip meters of the house, who are in the field of city management, as well as housing cooperatives and associations of owners of apartment buildings”, – said Panteleev.

Meanwhile, the issue of exorbitant sums in the payment of Kiev discussed today at a government meeting. Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman ordered to carry out checks, conversions, and responsible for the illegal overestimate of tariffs even threatened criminal liability.

The Ukrainians received the new bills for heating with unrealistically inflated prices

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This week the residents of apartment buildings with Central heating have started to receive bills for heat. Some people revolted, and some of us breathing a sigh of relief. Where did these huge bills in payment for heating? Is it possible to appeal against the calculation and how to do it? The principle on which grants are awarded? And how to implement the idea of loans for utilities? To these and other questions were answered by our resident expert – lawyer Lawrence Tsaruk.