The Marines noticed the increased enemy near Shirokino

The Marines noticed the increased enemy near Shirokino


The front received fresh troops and Russian weapons.

Once the resort of Shyrokyne now stands a ruininstead of tourists there, the soldiers of the Ukrainian army and Pro-Russian mercenaries. They are shared by only a few hundred meters – distance sniper shot, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Ukrainian Marines are forced to fight and building positions under the watchful gaze of the enemy and responding to provocations. In between neutralization of enemy spies, the soldiers get along bunkers and trenches. Positions around Shirokino, lebedinskoye, the Water almost from the beginning of October the insurgents almost daily shot of heavy artillery and mortars. Adjust the fire from drones.

Military intelligence deals with information that the enemy gradually increasing force in that direction – tightens the artillery and manpower. Defenders also Szerokiego talking about the heavy mortar shelling of the village and the regular morning work of the enemy sniper. Even such conditions the Marines call the silence, but she was not happy with it at this time, the enemy also strengthens and tightens to the leading positions for more ammunition.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Motor

Broken homes and the unmasking of the month: soldiers told about the life of once the resort of Shyrokyne

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 20:05

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Once the resort of Shyrokyne now is the collapsed blank. Instead of tourists on one side our soldiers on the other the Pro-Russian mercenaries. The distance of the shot accounts for Ukrainian soldiers to move in sight of enemy snipers on the forward trenches. Distance sometimes of hundreds of meters.