The people of Kiev sent the “defective” bills for heating with high amounts. What to do

The people of Kiev sent the “defective” bills for heating with high amounts. What to do


The amount counted for the full month, but in October the heating season lasted two to three weeks.

This week inhabitants of apartment houses of Kiev with the Central heating began to receive bills for heat. Some people revolted, and the others exhaled with relief. Homes with nearly identical footage fees range from UAH 300 to 2 thousand UAH.

The two basic reasons for this are the presence of a heat meter and grant clearance. But as it turned out, there is a third reason, which is the capital’s residents do not even know – “faulty” bill. Consumers counted the payment for the whole of October, although in reality the heating season lasted only two to three weeks. This is stated in the program “snidanok z “1+1”.

A resident of an apartment building with Central heating Alexander from Kiev has already received a new payment order. From the bills at the man, to put it mildly, surprised.

“Was a little shocked. 65 square meters apartment on 2167 hryvnia,” – says the man.

And this despite the fact that his father the numbers on the receipt differ significantly. Although the size of the apartment in less than a third. The man was suspicious and he called the hotline “Kyivenergo”.

“The call center said that everything is fine, all right – pay. They say the tariffs, the coefficients taken into account,” says Alexander.

But from Kiev Natalia was expecting to see a much higher.

“For a fortnight, in principle, normally – almost 560 hryvnia,” – says the woman.

And this is for a 91 square meter. Although heat, says Natalia, not really. Perhaps because of this, a small amount.

“Were warm battery at the top, and the bottom is cold. I hope that while frost will be better” – said from Kiev.

This difference in the accounts of Alexander and his father or Natalia Mikhailovna easily explained. First, in the house of Alexander not installed heat meter. And, secondly, as it turned out, residents of some houses in the capital have a “defective” bills for a full month, although the heat is much less.

Most unlucky, of course, the inhabitants of those houses where heat meters are not. They are not being paid the amount of heat that came to the house, and which came from the heating plant. That is, all the heat which disappeared on the way to home, appears in the payment.

“Here is a lack of counters is the main cause of corruption. Without this it was impossible to touch the gas price for heating utilities, respectively, could not touch the price of the Gcal, the tariff for Central heating,” explains the former Minister of housing and communal services of Ukraine (2007-2010) Alex Kucherenko.

So if this month received a payment order with huge numbers, you should ask the supplier of heat, not counted if the amount for the whole month of heat consumption instead of two weeks. And you should know whether you have in house heat meter.

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In Kyiv city state administration is recommended to contact the hotline 15-57 regarding possible errors in calculations, reports “Radio Freedom”.

The majority of Kiev receives heat from PJSC “Kyivenergo”, which, as recently stated by the mayor Vitaly Klitschko, a year contract was terminated.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Kyivenergo” Ivan Plachkov inflated amounts in the accounts explained the error. Like, maybe not flat 60 “squares” to have the expense for heating in 3 thousand UAH per month.

“Such a miracle as in Ukraine, in the world, heat when the provider enters into an agreement directly with the landlord. How in the world do: have the owner of the building, so the building owner identifies the organization that is a provider. And the company is working with residents, distributes this heat to different algorithms: if there is a counter – counter, if not to square meters. And we have made it so that every apartment brought directly to the “Kyivenergo”. And if a million contracts, you know how to directly process such a number of apartments? Previously, it was zhekah, cooperatives, and now it makes “Kyivenergo”, so there are mistakes. This is the fundamental, systemic error,” – said Plachkov.

He believes the existing tariffs for energy allogichnoe and adds that he could not still see the components of the rates, to understand why it generated such price of energy, which is adopted in the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities, because, in his words, they do not provide the relevant document.

Advises not to rush to agree with ultrahigh accounts Director, Association of managers of apartment houses Andrew Nikonchuk. He also received a payment order, which differs sharply from the slips of his neighbors.

“The problem may be that in this house there is a counter and it was missing the corresponding amount of heat energy, and after that there were some gusts or loss of coolant. It’s all individual and it is not normal and it should not be. Here it is necessary to understand each case separately. In some apartments left 1700 hryvnias for the 58 meters is nonsense, this is impossible”, – stressed Andrey Nikonchuk.

Those who received a huge bill Nikonchuk advised to contact the Chairman of the condominium, if it is, and work together to create a petition to the heat supply organization to demand explanation, providing the counts to 10 October and after October 31. If not condominiums, to the management company or a private housing Department, which support the house. In any case, it is necessary to understand, demand an explanation and reduction of payment amounts.