Gale defended “aydarovets” on the front of the shelling

Gale defended “aydarovets” on the front of the shelling

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The military believe that the weather in the last three days to reduce the impact of insurgent activity.

Fighters of a battalion “Aydar”, who now defend the southern borders of the Donbas, talk about an unusual way for the separatists to the intensity and accuracy of artillery attacks. The military said that the enemy had got the range of all weapons, and also makes a cameo subversive attacks to Ukrainian positions, says the story TSN.19:30.

“The miners can not shoot. When leather squares – clearly, firmly, when one falls one,” say the soldiers on the front line. According to them, Russians do not even stop near a busy road on which moves the local civilian population. In the afternoon the aggressors shoot through the territory of grenade launchers, machine guns and infantry fighting vehicles, and at night start a mortar attack, stop which can only be a worthy rebuff to which the military is forced to request the consent of command.

“Aydarovets” they say that the enemy in the last few days is stopping a wind storm. And even in sub-zero temperatures to endure his unpleasant military he is happy, it’s much better than drones controlled with well-aimed artillery attack of the Russians. “Such strong wind affecting ballistics of any shot. Though the bullet, even shell,” say the soldiers. And despite all the difficulties and promise to continue to stand on guard of peace in his native state, holding back the advance of the invader into Ukraine.

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The ATO headquarters reported on the number of attacks over the past day

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 20:14

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The militants reduced the number of attacks on the Eastern front. The ATO headquarters report: only 17 times in the last day they opened fire. Shelled the neighborhood of Mariupol, the Ukrainian military positions in Gnutovo beat of artillery, in Krasnogorovka tank. At Shirokino beat with mortars, Marinka and Lebedinsky fired from grenade launchers, they also shot at the houses and Zaitsev.