Employers will receive compensation for employment of ATO participants

Employers will receive compensation for employment of ATO participants


The size of the SST compensates for the employer during the year, but under certain conditions.

Ukrainian employers have received incentives for employment of participants of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas. If they take on a new workstation ATO at least two years, a single social contribution (ERU) for one year with the employer compensated by the state.

This is stated in the decree of Cabinet of Ministers №879 dated 30 November 2016, which was published on the government portal.

“A list of documents that must be submitted to the ATO in the employment center to obtain the status of unemployed. In addition, participants indicated operation is included in the category of citizens, whose employment for employers provide a right to compensation expenses in the amount of single fee for obligatory state social insurance. Such compensation, the employer will be able to obtain within one year under condition of employment of a participant ATO on the new workplace not less than two years”, – stated in the explanatory note to a government decree.

Meanwhile, the Verkhovna Rada has canceled the creation of a special period of financial support amount of conscripts at the level of contract servicemen.