In Kiev 10 schools closed on quarantine

In Kiev 10 schools closed on quarantine

Hurts 18% of children in schools© UNIAN

The average number of sick children in schools – about 18%, said in KCSA.

As of 9 December on quarantine have closed 10 schools, in some schools the training was canceled only for certain classes. About this informed the Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Anna Starostenko.

“Today, about 10 schools have already made the decision (to impose a quarantine, – Ed.). There are times when school is completely closed on quarantine, there are times when I close my 1-8 classes or only primary school,” leads “” her quote.

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Also Starostenko added that the situation with the incidence of children is different in different schools.

“The situation in Kiev is heterogeneous. If we talk about the average temperature in the ward, the average incidence of children in schools, about 18%, which is less epidemology, which is 20%. In some schools and classrooms, we see a significant excess of this figure. So we gave the opportunity for each school to determine, they enter quarantine. Even the school can define specific classes, which introduced a quarantine,” she added.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev the status of the incidence of influenza exceeded the epidemic threshold.