The city Council approved the capital budget for 2017

The city Council approved the capital budget for 2017


Transport and road facilities planned $ 2,315 billion.

Today at the session of Kyiv city Council deputies approved the budget of Kyiv city for 2017.

This is stated on the official website of the city Council.

Revenues of the capital for 2017 set at 38,238 billion. While the projected expenditures will amount 38,239 billion UAH, including the General Fund — 29,353 billion UAH and special Fund of $ 8,885 billion. A significant increase of budget revenues, which at the beginning of 2016 was $ 27,136 billion, was achieved through multiple sources of content.

“The main sources of filling the budget is a tax on income of physical persons, tax on profits, excise and GST. We also have a new regulatory monetary value of land. For example, this year we planned to obtain from the payment for land is 2.8 billion UAH, and actually received half as much — nearly 5 billion Another effective source of filling of the city budget — the single tax. It proceeds similar to the proceeds of the excise tax and share of profit tax of enterprises”, – said the Chairman of the constant Commission of city Council on budget and socio-economic development Andrei Wanderers.

According to the budget in 2017, most of the funds planned for the field of education and health. For example, the costs of educational purposes will be 10,790 billion UAH, which is 2.8 billion UAH more than in 2016. Also, compared to the current year, will add 3.8 billion on health care.

The total sum of $ 7,571 billion. Also incorporated 5,029 billion UAH on social protection and 2,647 billion UAH for housing and communal services.Transport and road facilities planned $ 2,315 billion. Even 1,328 billion UAH will be spent on the development of culture and art.

In particular, the preparation of the song contest “Eurovision-2017” laid down 150 million UAH.

For the capital budget for 2017 voted 73 deputies.

Recall, 20 October during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada the people’s deputies in the first reading adopted the draft state budget for 2017. The draft resolution on the conclusions and proposals to the law on the state budget voted 245 deputies. The Cabinet of Ministers submitted the document to Parliament September 15. Such a term is required by domestic legislation. On 20 October, Parliament had a deadline of consideration of the draft budget in the first reading. Within a month, MPs filed 1165 amendments to the bill.

However, on 3 November the Ukrainian government approved the finalized draft state budget for 2017 and re-submitted it for consideration to deputies.

The government built the list of educational occupations for which the budget will allocate additional means

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The government built the list of who is going to teach for public funds, because these experts state not enough. We are talking about blue-collar jobs on them from the Central budget will go additional funds, because local budgets do not. In the list of those who support the state – riggers, mechanics, drillers of wells, operators, fitters – a total of 19 professions.