In “Naftogaz” said that Russia did everything not to sign an additional agreement with Ukraine

In “Naftogaz” said that Russia did everything not to sign an additional agreement with Ukraine


KOBOLEV said that he sees no economic sense to do so.

Of the Russian Federation in the negotiations in Brussels did everything to avoid signing an additional agreement to the contract of purchase and sale of gas.

About this on air of one of Ukrainian television said the Chairman of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey KOBOLEV, says UKRINFORM.

“The Russians have done everything possible not to sign an additional agreement. I see no economic sense to do so,” – said KOBOLEV. He recalled that the supplementary agreement to the contract for the purchase and sale of gas between the Ukrainian and Russian sides signed in 2014 and 2015 to avoid the risk that Gazprom will count listed him money not as a means to pay for gas, and for any other purpose.

“The contract signed in 2009, does not allow us to buy gas in the framework of normal price parameters and guarantee its delivery. We are required to prepay at least 3 billion cubic meters, and then Gazprom can supply,” – said KOBOLEV.

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We will remind, earlier Ukraine celebrated the anniversary since the cessation of gas imports from Russia. Note that this decision led to the reform of gas market in Ukraine.

In Brussels, Ukraine and Russia are negotiating the purchase of gas

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The European Commission initiated the resumption of negotiations on the so-called “winter package” between Naftogaz of Ukraine and Gazprom. In Moscow hope to persuade Ukraine to buy up to four billion cubic meters of gas based on the very cold winter that is forecast this year. Naftogaz has agreed, provided that Gazprom will sign a rejection of the principle of “take or pay”.