Potato diet. The Aussie spent a year eating only potatoes and lost 50 kg

Potato diet. The Aussie spent a year eating only potatoes and lost 50 kg

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Diet and even helped the man to overcome the depression.

Australian Andrew Taylor a year ago vowed not to eat anything, except potatoes.

So, he was able to lose weight more than 50 kg and to overcome depression, transfer News.com.au.

According to the man, in this experiment it even supported a doctor, although not recommended to take that risk.

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“You literally get everything you need from potatoes. Everyone knows that it has a lot of carbs, but the potato contains and adequate amount of protein and fat, it is also rich in fiber, vitamin C and iron”, said the man.

12 months ago he weighed 151,7 kg, was fond of good food and sweet drinks, however, the strange diet has helped him lose weight to 99 kg.

Taylor admitted that the first two weeks of the test was merely a prison, but now he easily eats only potatoes and not allow himself to even look in the direction of other products.

So, the day Australian consumes 3-4 kg of potatoes. He uses it in different forms: boiled, mashed and baked. Taylor even learned how to cook potato pancakes.

The man, moreover, manages to control himself during meetings with friends or a party where everyone eat a variety of food, and he has to stick to the diet.

“Last year I was in a clinical depression, but the potato diet really helped me to overcome it,” said the man.

We will remind, the nutritionist called the foods that increase hunger and cause people to overeat.