Experienced advocates promise to protect the holidays of Ukrainians

Experienced advocates promise to protect the holidays of Ukrainians

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Even in the new year and Christmas days, the military on the front not lose vigilance.

Shooting around the village Experienced near the Donetsk airport does not cease for a single day. Despite actively fighting the local military have not only to fulfill their direct duties, but also to prepare for the Christmas holidays, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The soldiers are saying that heavy weapons the enemy has not used for a long time, but the grenade launcher and machine gun “Hello” sends regularly. “The night was beautiful to hear everything, and it worked this morning LNG,” – said the defender of the village Vasily galas.

In the same battalion, but different companies Experienced to serve the father with the son from Transcarpathia. For a senior this is the second stay in the ATO – the first time he was drafted in 2014. Then decided to return when the army took away his child. New mobilization did not expect, went to the service contract.

Neighbouring position with the one where journalists were militants covered with a sudden fire in broad daylight. “We of the ANC came, we give the answer a machine gun. Constantly throughout the day, they request a truce, we do not shoot at them, and they shoot,” – said the fighter with the Callsign “bumblebee”. But even attacks do not prevent our guys to prepare for the holidays.

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Ukrainian soldiers have no doubt that the militants will not forget their “congratulations”, but they are ready to meet the enemy with weapons in hand, to the whole country for the holidays can raise a glass of champagne.

Earlier this month, soldiers on the frontline ridiculed propaganda stamp “punitive”, which is used Russian media and separatists in the Donbass on the Ukrainian troops. And on the day of formation of the Mat gave a musical concert at the edge right under the noses of the terrorists.

The TSN reporter Eugene Nazarenko