Restoring order or “spin” the car: on the front lines of the ATO withdraw uncleared machine

Restoring order or “spin” the car: on the front lines of the ATO withdraw uncleared machine

Volunteers donated vehicles verifies the military service of law and order.

Guard service law enforcement began to take on the penalty-pad machine, donated by volunteers for the needs of advanced ATO. Refers in this case to the orders of the military leadership to put an unregistered vehicle on the account, however, the soldiers suspect the attempt just take their necessary transportation, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“The Protocol, from my point of view, written nonsense. Because the car on the civil room, and the written violation that I have no military technical pass. One other seems to exclude” – said a military jury, which took away donated by volunteers bonded car. It then returned under the condition that she will not leave the ATO zone. Similar cases have accumulated so much that the volunteers began to sound the alarm. They say that in some units at the front and not already on the ride, and to pick up the car – a blow to the army, which is fighting.

Law enforcement officers explained why take presented to soldiers of the ATO of the car on the penalty-platform

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 21:57

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No one who is not “press”, say the representatives of the military police. In October, the ATO has decided to bring order to delivered but you have not registered the car, so they say, there are cases when, supposedly, the military of unregistered machine used by the criminals. To legitimize, in each part must be the act of transferring cars volunteers, the receipt and document that part of the military provided the car license plate

Yuri Misyagin not the first year helps the army. He says that these problems do not relate to cars that the Ministry had helped to clear as a humanitarian aid from 2016. But with the cars imported earlier, now in trouble. The “problem cars in 2014 and 2015. They cannot be put on record, because they have no documents. The car really is, and you nothing it can’t do,” he explains. In addition, there are such cars that are just donor parts, and there are generally “designers” – composed of two or three at a time.

In the military service of law and order argue that no one “press” of the machine, and only receives the order, because the cases when there seems to be unregistered military machine used by the criminals in the rear. To legitimize uncleared car, you need to have the act of transferring machines of volunteers, the purchase document and a document stating that a military unit has provided the car license plate. The main requirement is that the car got on the territory of Ukraine legally, all the other problems, they say in the military leadership to decide. “We won’t nothing, no one to pick up, we just put things in order, put on record, to avoid abuse that we clearly understand how many cars come, how many perform tasks,” – said the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak. He has promised to meet with the volunteers and the www and to settle all disputes.

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According to rough estimates, now at the front about 2.5 thousand of uncleared cars. Half of them have already registered, the rest have to put on record until 31 December. If and until that date you won’t manage everything, question each machine will be individually resolved with the participation of volunteers, military and law enforcement.

The TSN reporter Yevgeny Agarkov