EU leaders agreed with the requirements of the Netherlands on the Association Agreement with Ukraine – Reuters

EU leaders agreed with the requirements of the Netherlands on the Association Agreement with Ukraine – Reuters

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But even after that the Dutch Prime Minister is not sure that the Agreement is ratified.

European Union leaders have agreed to consider the requirements of the Netherlands concerning the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

About it reports Reuters referring to the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat.

“Yes, there is an agreement,” he replied to the question whether all 28 EU leaders had agreed to the conditions put forward by the Netherlands.

Also this decision was confirmed by the Prime Minister of Latvia Maris Kuchinskis.

“We took into consideration, in what situation are the Netherlands. And we want to help Ukraine. In this situation we had only one way, and we followed him, supporting the proposal of the Netherlands,” he said.

While Dutch Prime Minister mark Rutte still not sure that the Parliament will ratify the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine.

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“In my estimation, if we come to an agreement, I will have the chance to get it (the decision on the agreement) through Parliament. But we have to see what happens next, it won’t be easy”, – said Rutte.

Meanwhile, on the website of EuroPride appeared the full text of the decision of the European Council for the completion of the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

The arrangement is designed in the form of “the decision of heads of States and governments of EU member States”, it consists of six paragraphs.

In particular, States that the agreement “aims to establish close and lasting relations between Ukraine and the EU on the basis of shared values, but does not grant the status of candidate for accession to the European Union.”

It is also noted that the Agreement “confirms the cooperation with Ukraine in the field of security,… but does not guarantee collective security, or other military assistance.”

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The agreement grants the additional right to employment, leaving it to the right for member countries of the EU. Reaffirms the commitment of the EU to support the reform process in Ukraine, underlines the importance of the fight against corruption and reform of the justice system.

Earlier it was reported that Poland had the greatest resistance to the requirements of the Netherlands concerning the ratification of the Agreement EU-Ukraine. Media noted that the wording in a separate Declaration that the Association Agreement is not a step toward Ukraine’s membership in the EU, made the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Poland resisted hard, but also mentioned countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. For these countries membership issue is sensitive, because they advocate the inclusion of Ukraine into the European sphere of influence, and fear of Russian aggression.

The Netherlands will sign the Association Agreement only under certain conditions

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Sanctions against Russia is likely to continue for another six months. Such a decision should be taken by the EU leaders, who are already beginning to arrive in the Belgian capital for this year’s last summit. Among the issues is the agreement on Association Ukraine-EU, which threaten to bury the Netherlands if the European Union does not agree with the requirements of the Hague.