Ukraine was polite and got the Bank to Nicholas. How users joke about the nationalization of “PrivatBank”

Ukraine was polite and got the Bank to Nicholas. How users joke about the nationalization of “PrivatBank”

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Internet users compete to sense of humor.

News of the nationalization of “PrivatBank” has made a splash on social networks.

Users made a number of funny photoshopped pics and tweets that talk about how to change the service in the Bank after it become public. Ukrainians Troll each other for the panic surrounding withdrawals and joke that instead of cash ATMs now give out candy.

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They also joke that this year Ukraine has been good, so received by the Bank from St. Nicholas.


No money but you stay here. You all the best, good mood and health. #Privat #Dnepr #nationalization #end #finish

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Well, sort of…eeeee…. #Privat #privatebank #Privat

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#Privat #Privat #ukraine #bank #cat #magic

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Some new money from ATMs

— gang Grated pie (@dzhigarr) 19 Dec 2016

We will remind, in the evening of 18 December , the government of Ukraine adopted a decision on nationalization of “PrivatBank”. It is assumed that the state represented by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine will become the owner of 100% shares of the Bank. It ensures the smooth functioning of the institution and preserve the funds of its clients.

“PrivatBank” will be headed by former Finance Minister and one of the top managers in the 1990-ies Oleksandr Shlapak.

Details on how will work the “PrivatBank” in the coming days and what will happen to the money of Ukrainians, read on TSN.ia this link.

The Ministry of Finance told what to expect depositors of PrivatBank

TSN. 16:45
Today, 17:42

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Currently, the Bank works in the usual way, say in the Ministry of Finance. Only for legal persons stopped for a day. But it is explain technical points. But the citizens will not have problems with access to funds: salaries, pensions, scholarships – will receive traffic. Even the Ministry of Finance, says danyluk, henceforth salary would get in PrivatBank.