Advisor Klitschko said that the decision on the prohibition of night sales of alcohol will not be canceled

Advisor Klitschko said that the decision on the prohibition of night sales of alcohol will not be canceled


Belotserkovets said the reasons for which it is not necessary to resume the sale of alcoholic beverages in the evening.

The city Council will not cancel the prohibition of sale of alcohol at night, despite a recognition illegal decisions of Antimonopoly Committee.

This was stated by the MP and mayor of Kiev on issues of improvement Dmitry Belotserkovets.

“AMCU’s decision is solely a request that the city Council reversed its decision regarding the sale of alcohol at night. I’m sure this decision will not be accepted and listen to the suggestion of the AMC, the city Council will not be”, – quotes his quote “Ukrainian truth.Kiev”

Belozerkovez gave reasons why the ban should continue.

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“In Ukraine we have a very high rate of child alcoholism; in Kiev, more than half of crimes that occur at night, occur in a state of intoxication; for the 2 months that it is valid solution, we saw positive results police notes improvement of a criminogenic situation in the capital”, – said the Deputy.

In his opinion, the decision of the Antimonopoly Committee could take due to the fact that “in Ukraine there is a large liquor and beer lobby, which probably bribed the AMC”.

Belotserkovets added that now members of Parliament are preparing a draft law, which prescribes that the SFS will have the authority to cancel licenses for the sale of alcohol, if not implemented the decisions of local councils.

Recall September 22, the Kyiv city Council has limited the sale of alcoholic and low alcohol beverages in the capital at night, namely between 22:00 and 10:00. The deputies also instructed the Department of industry and enterprise development to bring this decision to the attention of the entrepreneurs and store owners.

In Kiev, entered into force the decision to ban the sale of alcohol at night

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13 Oct, 13:27

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From eleven at night until ten in the morning the alcohol is now in Kiev can be bought only in restaurants and bars. Now the signs of it should notify all customers of places of sale of alcohol. But not everyone is aware of recent innovations.