The lifting of the moratorium for legal entities and withdrawals at ATMs billion. Key news about “PrivatBank”

The lifting of the moratorium for legal entities and withdrawals at ATMs billion. Key news about “PrivatBank”

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The new leadership is preparing for the first day of work in the new environment.

Legal persons removed restrictions on payments to corporate customers and other economic entities in the accounts of PrivatBank.

About it reported in a nationalized financial institution, the NBU and the Ministry of Finance. However, on the morning of Tuesday, December 20, it was announced temporary freeze of turnover. The restriction is not applied to payments that are received before 19 December. However already in the afternoon a representative of the “PrivatBank” Dmitry Dubilet announced on his page in Facebook that the restrictions are removed. However, this does not apply to companies with ties to the former shareholders of the “PrivatBank”.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the national Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova, the last day in the system has accumulated a large number of payments awaiting processing specialists. Therefore, the regulator has decided to extend the system of electronic payments. In the first place, will be carried out calculations in the budget, and then there will be payroll and last of all the rest.

Ekaterina Rozhkova did not specify how long should such a regime, but assured that all the problems trying to be solved quickly. In particular, she said that in this case the NBU help commercial banks, payment system, shopping online. So one day the people withdrew from ATMs of PrivatBank UAH 2 billion. However, other commercial banks have not been sent to the NBU data, how much of their networking was taken money.

The day before, according to the nationalized Bank, the ATM network was provided in cash. And the NBU supported Bank liquidity in the amount of 15 billion UAH.

“80% – term deposits, so the early termination is not expected. The payment system, the supermarkets know that this period must end here. All are working to the transition end as quickly as possible”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the national Bank, commenting on the question about the outflow of deposits.

Technical problems in the system Privat24. On the timing of the full solution. Privat24 is a popular system that is interested in many banks. Regarding ownership, a few months ago, the NBU ordered an audit of the IT system of PrivatBank. We get the results of the audit and will be able to answer,” said Rozhkov.

Today, December 20, the Ministry of Finance will receive the entire package of shares of “PrivatBank”. Now Charter approved nationalized Bank. Registration will be in the river, as there is the Central office. The new leadership, headed by Alexander Shlapak will begin its work on Wednesday, December 21.

It should be noted that the national Bank of Ukraine today appeared on the currency market to keep the hryvnia exchange rate fluctuations. It was sold 28.4 million dollars. “The total amount of submitted bids amounted to 37.9 million. USA, we have satisfied 62% of bids at the minimum auction rate. The cut-off rate was 26.5 UAH per dollar. By results of auction, the maximum rate was $ 26,50 UAH per U.S. dollar, the minimum rate – 26.45 hryvnia per U.S. dollar, the average rate is 26.46 hryvnia per U.S. dollar”, – said the Deputy head of the NBU Oleg Churiy.

He also said that Ukraine has high chances of getting fourth tranche from IMF in the amount of $ 1.3 billion. the program extended funding after the budget and the nationalization of “PrivatBank”. However, funds likely will be in 2017.

In PrivatBank assured that individuals will not have problems with access to their funds

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The Bank promises to resume operations for legal entities. on the Eve to do it. Individuals, say at the Bank, problems with access to their funds will not have. The new leadership of the PrivatBank can begin its work tomorrow. The decision to nationalize one of the largest Ukrainian banks took on Sunday.