Dry figures, which fundamentally affect the wallet of every Ukrainian. The nuances of the state budget-2017

Dry figures, which fundamentally affect the wallet of every Ukrainian. The nuances of the state budget-2017

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At dawn on 21 December, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on the state budget.

Ukraine was now the main financial document for 2017. Today, December 21, at dawn, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on the state budget.

While the MPs sleep after pressing buttons Dnia decided to find out what they been up all night.


10 areas that will receive priority attention and funding in 2017 – defense capability, social standards, education, health, diplomacy, agriculture, infrastructure, energy efficiency, culture and decentralization.

The state budget provides for revenues in the amount of 721,4 billion UAH, expenses – 790,4 billion UAH, the maximum level of the deficit – 77,5 billion.

The total amount of debt and government-guaranteed debt at the end of 2017 is expected to amount to 2 trillion 296 billion (88.8% of the projected GDP). Of them the maximum amount of public debt at 31 December of the following year shall be 1 trillion 716,6 billion UAH (66,4% of the projected GDP), limiting the amount of state-guaranteed debt – 579,4 billion (22.4% of the projected GDP).

Real GDP growth is forecast at 3%, nominal GDP growth – up to 2,585 trillion UAH.

Consumer inflation by year-end 2017 will be 8.1%.

Minimum wage from 1 January 2017 increased two times – up to 3,2 thousand UAH.

Salary increase for certain categories of state employees. The salary of a doctor will grow by no less than 36%, and teachers – 49.6% (plus surcharges 1672-2140 UAH). The salary of the lifeguards will rise sharply – will have at least 5 thousand UAH.

Grow a living wage: from 1 January – 1544 UAH, from 1 may 1624 UAH, from December 1 – 1.7 thousand UAH.

Cancelled 2-cent fee on individuals to the Pension Fund during operations on the currency exchange.

From now on, the state guarantees 100% return of deposits in all state banks. Contributions to the “Oshchadbank” and further, 100 percent guaranteed by the government. In other banks up to 200 thousand UAH guarantees the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals. anything over 200 thousand UAH – guaranteed by the government. This rule in particular applies to nationalized 18 “Privat”.

In the framework of decentralization Phinansay resource of local budgets for 2017 will amount to 424 billion UAH. Compared with the year 2016, the increase amounted to 86 billion UAH (plus 28%) as compared to the 2015 local budgets increased by 132 billion (plus 45%). The estimated amount of revenues of local budgets for 2017 is 185 billion UAH, which is 25% higher than this year and more than 153% compared to the year 2015.

For state support of regional development was laid by 9 billion UAH.

Create a finanaway the police (instead of the tax police) and uniformyy publicyy the Register of applications for refund of VAT (products promise to transfer in automatic mode).

Farmers will receive subsidies in the amount of 1% of their products within 5 years. This model in Ukraine is still not there. In 2017, support will amount to UAH 5.5 billion.

“Ukravtodor” on repair of roads will receive 29.2 billion UAH. Customs experiment in the direction of 50% of the excess of receipts from customs on the road will spread to all areas.

Abolished the normal increase in 9 times admincore that was threatening financial destruction of the Maritime industry. In the Ministry of Infrastructure promises a significant reduction of the volume and number of port tariffs and fees, reforming the state enterprise “Administration of sea ports of Ukraine” and create a Maritime administration.

Aircraft manufacturers are exempt from payment of income tax until 2025 for the development of the industry of aircraft construction.

The Verkhovna Rada has increased the excise tax on alcoholic beverages by 20%, on fortified and sparkling wine – 12%. The rate for natural wines remains unchanged.

Will increase the specific rate of excise duty on tobacco products by 40%.

Reduce the size of the rent for the extraction of minerals. So, for the extraction of oil from deposits up to 5 thousand meters, the rent is reduced from 45% to 29% of the cost of commercial products, for deposits more than 5 m from 21% to 14%. Along with this, the rate of rent for the extraction of gas condensate has not changed and remained at the level of 45% of deposits up to 5 m, 21% – of deposits in excess of 5 thousand m

A long night in the Verkhovna Rada: deputies willing to work until morning to accept the new budget

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To discuss the key income and expenditure of the state for the next year, the deputies continued their working day. Say they are ready to work until the morning. Minimum wage the government has announced the Prime Minister Groysman, proposes to increase to 3 thousand 200 hryvnias.

The Parliament adopted the presidential bill on additional guarantees to depositors “PrivatBank”

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It applies only to natural persons and ensures the return of deposits in more than 200 thousand hryvnia. Smaller deposits in case of bankruptcy the Bank will return the Deposit guarantee Fund. The bill was criticized in particular for the deterioration of the competitive conditions for commercial banks, which do not have such privileges.