The Council authorized the additional guarantee to depositors of “Privat”

The Council authorized the additional guarantee to depositors of “Privat”


Individuals-depositors of the state banks will be able to get a refund of that part of the amount of the Deposit that exceeds the size limit of 200 thousand hryvnias.

On Tuesday, December 20, Parliament as a whole adopted the bill on amendments to the law “On banks and banking” regarding the state guarantee of deposits.

“For” bill number 5553, sponsored by President Petro Poroshenko, voted 276 deputies.

As noted in the explanatory Memorandum, the bill provides to amend article 57 of the law “On banks and banking activities”.

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According to the law, the state assumes the obligation to make reparation to individuals-depositors of the state banks of that part of the amount of the Deposit that exceeds the established limit of funds on Deposit established in accordance with the law “About system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals” (200 thousand UAH ).

What happened to PrivatBank and how to act to investors

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Nationalization PrivatBank has become almost the most discussed topic of Ukrainians in recent days. Why is the country’s largest Bank passed into state property and what it will mean for investors – recognize Breakfast.

Thus, for these individuals kept under the act of guarantee deposits in the amount of the compensation limit on deposits, the document says.

As stated in the explanatory note, for the 2014-2015 banks have lost 33% of deposits of individuals in national currency and 50% of deposits in foreign currency also for the past three years, the entities transferred current accounts and savings banks with state capital.

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“Accounts of the enterprises in national currency in the three major state-owned banks as at the end of the first quarter of 2016 has increased compared with the beginning of 2014, 2.4 times, and in other solvent banks, only 51%”, – stated in it.

“The volume of funds of individuals in state-owned banks in the national currency has returned to pre-crisis levels in mid-2015 at the time, as in other banks decreased significantly”, – added in the explanatory Memorandum.

In PrivatBank assured that individuals will not have problems with access to their funds

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The Bank promises to resume operations for legal entities. on the Eve to do it. Individuals, say at the Bank, problems with access to their funds will not have. The new leadership of the PrivatBank can begin its work tomorrow. The decision to nationalize one of the largest Ukrainian banks took on Sunday.

Earlier, Poroshenko said that to strengthen the protection of depositors “PrivatBank” he submitted to Parliament as urgent bill, which provides additional guarantees for citizens ‘ deposits in this institution.

We will remind, today the state guarantees 100% of deposits only Oshchadbank. In Ukreximbank, Ukrgasbank and PrivatBank deposits were guaranteed only in the range of 200 thousand hryvnia.

Recall, December 20, the Ministry of Finance received the entire package of shares of “PrivatBank”. Now Charter approved nationalized Bank. Registration will be in the river, because there is the Central office. The new leadership, headed by Alexander Shlapak will begin its work on Wednesday, December 21.

It should be noted that the national Bank of Ukraine today appeared on the currency market to keep the hryvnia exchange rate fluctuations. It was sold 28.4 million dollars. “The total amount of submitted bids amounted to 37.9 million. USA, we have satisfied 62% of bids at the minimum auction rate. The cut-off rate was 26.5 UAH per dollar.

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By results of auction, the maximum rate was $ 26,50 UAH per U.S. dollar, the minimum rate – 26.45 hryvnia per U.S. dollar, the average rate is 26.46 hryvnia per U.S. dollar”, – said the Deputy head of the NBU Oleg Churiy.

He also said that Ukraine has high chances of getting fourth tranche from IMF in the amount of $ 1.3 billion. the program extended funding after the budget and the nationalization of “PrivatBank”. However, funds likely will be in 2017.

After that nationalizing “PrivatBank”? Meet MPs

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Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, in particular, semen Semenchenko, Yuri Birch and Vadim Novinsky, told TSN Daria Happy, what companies should be nationalized after the “PrivatBank”.