The national Bank spoke about the cancellation of currency restrictions in Ukraine

The national Bank spoke about the cancellation of currency restrictions in Ukraine

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Review of rules can take place in early 2017.

The national Bank promises to cancel the currency restrictions as soon as you get the fourth tranche of the loan from the International monetary Fund. This can occur in early 2017. Earlier liberalization hindered the financial situation of “PrivatBank“.

In an interview with “UKRINFORM” said the Deputy head of the NBU Oleg Churiy.

“Nationalization “PrivatBank”, the stable situation on the market, the inflow of foreign currency, the adoption of the budget – all this will contribute to the production of the fourth tranche of the IMF. That will be a positive signal for the lifting of currency restrictions,” he assured Cure.

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At the beginning of January to Kiev should arrive IMF mission.

“This year it (the program) definitely will not happen. Next week in Europe, America is the holidays. I think this question we go back to the beginning of next year,” said Curi.

Earlier it was announced that the IMF should allocate 1.3 billion dollars. What will be the final amount of the next tranche is still unknown.

“It (IMF) decides the amount of the tranche, which is ready to provide our country”, – said the Deputy head of the national Bank.

Recall the last time Ukraine received from the IMF $ 1 billion in September 2016. To єtogo lender year did not want to give money due to the delay of Kiev reforms, political crisis and low tariffs on utility services and the like. The government updated the rates rose, certain reforms have advanced, e-Declaration started, “PrivatBank” nationalized – the answer is now for the IMF.

Earlier , the NBU said that Ukraine has high chances to get the fourth tranche from the IMF.